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From NPR and WBZ. I'm Jeremy Hobson. Im Tanya Moseley. It's here now and Georgia enters a new era today after its shelter in place order expired at midnight last night but the state's governor. Brian Kemp says people over sixty five in those with health. Problems should continue to stay home until June twelfth. Continue the state of Georgia's already reporting today. That a thousand new cases of Corona virus have been reported in the last twenty four hours. So we'll continue to watch that situation. Meanwhile Connecticut ranks third in-depth per capita from corona virus after New York and New Jersey and three Connecticut Metro areas are among the worst hit in the country. When it comes to the death toll those would be bridgeport. Hartford and new haven. We're joined now by the mayor of New Haven Connecticut Mayor Justin Liquor. Thanks for being here. I'm not going to be on and we should say that. Infection rates in your city are just beginning to level off but when you hear about those numbers compared to the rest of the country is it simply proximity to New York that is leading to so much death from cove nineteen in Connecticut. Or is it something more? We think it's mostly proximity to New York and Of course places like new haven where at the end of the Metro North Line and have a strong connection with the city and we've seen the cases slowly spread and increase from New York to Fairfield county into new haven. We have been fortunate. We had some more warning of how things could be seeing what happened in New York. And so we started to very proactively promote social distancing and Protect the community and prepare. Well in advance. Will you say proactively? Your governor asked residents to work from home on March twelfth but he didn't order businesses to close until more than ten days later on. March the twenty third. Do you think that was too slow looking back? I think that You know in new haven. I closed the schools quite early. And we have the occupancy rate of a lot of businesses and. I think that the governor was Quite proactive in general. Of course in hindsight. There's always things that we could have been done doing differently. But when you think about Just how much than haven community and has worked really hard to prepare for this the fact that our hospitals haven't been totally overrun and have managed the capacity Is a testament to the fact that I think we were pretty proactive about things and do you think the worst is over in new haven as long as we stay the course as long as we don't open up too quickly as long as our residents continued to do what they've been doing which is Wearing masks and practicing social distancing generally being cautious about going out my hope is that we're over the worst for this period. Well so on that note governor. Ned Lamont announced a four stage plan to reopen. The state starting May twentieth that includes the opening of offices retail stores hair and nail salons outdoor areas at restaurants and outdoor museums and zoos. Do you think that's the right time line? I think that the details are what's important and how we do. This is what's important and we've been having a lot of conversations and you haven about how we can support businesses slowly opening but doing so safely. And that's everything. From talking with businesses about installing a takeout window or plexiglass to protect their employers to increasing Access to Hand Sanitizer to making sure that they have a plan to keep their workers safe inside. I think as long as we work together to support our businesses public confidence is actually a pretty key components. All this as well you know. Businesses have opened in other states and because the public is concerned. There hasn't been as much business so I think we need to do that. Hand in hand so we got to do it slowly carefully. Can you do that in the next nineteen days before? May Twentieth again. It depends on how it's done. I think that if we do it slowly and we also have a few weeks left before that date so I think that it's important that we monitor the virus the new cases to confirm that we are continuing on that downward trend. I think that it would be much more detrimental to the economy if we did start to open up and then there were more outbreaks and we had to close up for a much longer period. Are you worried that you're going to start to see the kind of protests that we're seeing now in the state of Michigan people who really just want the Economy Open. Backup now you know. We had a small protests at the capital of about a week ago in general New Haven residents have been very supportive of working as a community to tackle this thing. My concern is that Some of the opening up dialogue has been to political to Republicans. Say the Democrats say that. And that's not productive. We need to be listening to the academia and the experts here and working together and my senses newhaven residents By and large on board with that mayor. You've said that schools won't reopen until the fall. Are you also preparing for the possibility that they won't open in the fall or that they will open in one blended have to close again because of another spike in cases? You know this thing has changed so quickly every day that It's hard for me to speculate. What things are going to be like in a few months I would anticipate that as we all start to get used to our new lifestyle that will I think very carefully about putting in a safety measures to allow schools to open but maybe not in the same way that were typically have schools open? And I think that's a very much the same for businesses you know and you haven for example. We're talking about in the governor's talking about outdoor only in the beginning so. I think that we're going to see a lot of changes in the way we do things but We've got to keep moving. That is the mayor of New Haven Connecticut. Just an elegant mayor. Thank you for joining us. Thanks for having me on well. President Trump told governors this week to seriously consider resuming the school year. The Nation's two biggest unions shot back saying they would consider protests or strikes of schools reopened. Too soon. The American Federation of Teachers Have Now put together. Its own plan for when school should reopen and for more we're joined on skype with Randi Weingarten. She's the president of the AFC and Randy the CDC has drafted guidelines on win. Schools should start to reopen in one suggestion is to keep class groups together throughout the day. So they're not mixing with students. Tell us more about your plan. We think about a plan to reopen schools and other workplaces rests on five pillars to which are really public health tools that others have to do like governors like the president. To which are things school people have to do or you know other parents and one is the money that we need to get. So these are the five things first maintaining physical distancing in the community until the number of nucleic cases declines for at least fourteen consecutive days number. Two putting in place. What we've heard. So many people talk about the infrastructure and the resources to test trace and isolate new cases number three deploying the public health tools that prevent the viruses fred and aligning them with the education strategies that meet the needs of students. That's why the staggering the isolation rooms the screening coming in. May Be wearing masks hand washing every hour on the hour. All of these have to be worked in four. You gotta involve workers unions parents communities in this planning because they know more and they won't trust it if they're not involved and number five you can tell from what I'm saying that this is gonNA actually costs more money. Not less money. You know I heard Mitch McConnell say today well I don't WanNA forfeit other generations while if you don't WanNa Form Food America's future then you have to actually spend the money now to make sure that kids have a decent year next year particularly in the absence of of vaccine because we have to be able to assure parents at educators that their safety is paramount. You talked about vaccine. It's not in your list of five. But what do you think about this? I dish at schools stay closed until they're actually is a vaccine. I don't think we can stay closed until there is a vaccine. I mean we know that there's not GonNa be the assurance of full safety until there is but look you know chicken. Pox took years to get a vaccine polio tuberculosis and ultimately as we have said for years and years and years now remote learning. It's a supplement it can't supplant regular instruction and now you see because of this experiment which frankly teachers had to turn on a dime to do school district all across the country in three or four days put together grabbing go programs to feed the million kids. Put together remote instruction. This is not the way to run anything. Yeah Randy do you worry about the long term effect for students who haven't been in the classroom for months? I mean I do yes. I'm born to be a warrior so I worry about a lot of things. I worry about the anxiety. I worry about the loss of relationship building but if we can create an environment either through some voluntary summer programs where we try some staff or an environment in September where we can really community building school and assess where kids are used. Think about next year for the non graduating seniors as a wheel year of transition and bridging. Then just like you know in the aftermath of World War. Two people in the country became stronger and It became an experience that we defined us and that is what I am hoping and government needs to buffer against all of the short-term and long-term education and economic issues. That's.

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