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Is that are killy's hill is our passing game and no one jaylen hurts over his stellar career in terms of numbers in wins but not necessarily a passing efficiency you start to realise if we can get a spark in the passing game at that position and we have the number one highschool dual threat quarterback own our roster sitting right there behind him on top of this guy outperforming the starting quarterback every single day in practice which was been reported over the year is time to make that move because this is a do or die situation okay so what impressed you most were it was at the freshman and his composure even after thrown interception to come back and lead them to the victory or was it jaylen hurts and seemingly the class that he handled every thing with in that moment when a national championship he got his team there he plays the first half and yet this he was the first one to run out in the field and find the talented freshman quarterback oh i will go at the quarterback i mean you you you you talk about two a gaetan inserted at halftime at your preparation is this great is that can be put you don't have the experience what to combine that moment and then all of your preparation to make it actually materialize in the second half of a national championship game and you're down thirteen points that have if you to rally the troops to go out there that was spectacular i don't want to take anything away from jaylen hurts but as i say about maturity is just the suppression of your desires like i'm not more mature than i was at twenty i just don't do two things i really want to do as much if that's what matured here for her i don't you points for be a classy because inside your dying inside your hating reality but hey wait a have a poker face there were going to call class in that moment hey i thought he did a great job leslie those game tom rinaldi that the interview with him course tom rinaldi will be joining us a little bit later.

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