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I think it's what he's going to necklace same. I'm totally addicted to it. It's like heroin but that's just what you have to pay for. The answer isn't no information. I think the answer is more information so educate yourself. Everybody Watches Muller next year clause before the elections and this here's the here's the part that really worries me. This is going to get worse. This is worse because he's a desperate dog now. He's a trapped rack. Never got what he's GonNa. Do you've been saying that he's a trapped rather. We'll be right back. We're doorstep is democratic. Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper campaign really falling apart. How does he plan to take on the front runners in the next debate and why won't condemn ice protesters replacing American flags with Mexico's? He's live on the view next twenty twenty Democratic presidential field seems to grow more crowded by the day Forma Colorado Governor. John Hickenlooper is running as a moderate Democrat and these here today to tell us how he's going to distinguish himself from other moderates you know like Joe Biden for example is welcome John Hickenlooper anything you heard a strong about you want to just say before we go I agree completely with the communal communal attitude that racist statements can't go unanswered. Why do you think he'd through the base on the bus though that's not good for the base as it no but I think he's has a strategy that is to just create turmoil and keep people divided all people and now that chaos he feels that he has some advantage and whether we like it or not to a certain extent it's worked? You'll come from state with this an enormous amount of Hispanics how. Do you think this will play out in your state races. What gardeners Senate reelection? I think <hes> certain Garner is going to have a hard time. <hes> he has consistently voted with and stood up for president trump and again <hes> Hillary Hillary Clinton one Colorado by almost five points so it's not a state. That's gonna take kindly to someone who again <hes> supports <hes> racist statements okay. Let's talk about you because you I I now. I know that you are a former geologist which is very interesting pub owner. That's really interesting to me. It's interesting. We made our beer. Don't forget that you were the mayor. I'M DENVER TO GOVERNOR OF COLORADO. You have quite a resume Sir so nationally finally you're pulling between zero and one percent I know Heritz doesn't it. <hes> and several of your top staffers recently left you a campaign. I guess there's sinking ship theory that you're not going anywhere and you also say that you're not a good messenger. You have to be a good messenger in this in this race..

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