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So as something you can help me I just cashed for lovecraft country and I saw that included Mike Okay Williams who for me living in Baltimore is like an institution for his portrayal of Omar little on the wire. When I said his name to my boyfriend who is also from Baltimore it was like no name recognition didn't we was until he saw a picture. So it's Michael Michael Liam's a who or them thinking so much indoors dry. Michael K. Williams who are them one two, three who? He's character actor I think he's character who like if you watch the wire like if I call my brother right now, he'd be like, Michael wanted to Saddam the iconic I love Williams but I don't. I. Think it's I. Think he's character appearing outside the wire he's like mostly uses a character actor. He just is I. Reckon he's in a million things. He has a lot of by connick little roles Yeah Omar's an iconic character but I feel more Omar than he is Mike Okay Williams you know interesting. What he I don't know. No. I don't know I i. thought he was he's he's had other iconic roles but. Omar is still the biggest, the biggest one, and if if that's not enough then yeah, I don't know He's also in a movie starring Vince Vaughn and Liam. Hemsworth called Arkansas. Heard of it. The there's have you heard of Arkansas skull. He's in Arkansas, the skull there. He's in Arkansas he's in are credible. He's Third Bill Leopold's worth Clark Duke. Michael Kenneth Williams. They give them the full Kenneth, their vivica Fox this I don't think I knew what the case at its Kenneth Needed Eden didn't rolling who assumes nepotism Chandler Duke, John Malkovich and Vince Vaughn. Is we I'm sorry I'm Vince Vaughn and John Malkovich are like at the tail end they must be like one scene. No Vince Vaughn is featured heavily in the trailer. I think it's just like he gets the fancy. The fancy like an and right. Hey. Who Weekly first-time me Jim Time Ambrose. Beers. Literary. For them. I think this is so funny. members stop. Bigger. I think we just got a couple of like English majors calling in and being like L. Awhile like high. English. Majors who like. Ambrose Beers, were having a fight one, two, three who. Absolutely. I'm honest wikipedia was like, oh no. His book, the Devil's dictionary was named as one of the one hundred greatest masterpieces of American literature literature have not read it and historian occurrence at Al. Creek Bridge has been described as one of the most famous and frequently anthologized stories in American literature have read it don't I know I had to read that in school that name sounds familiar but let. Appeared which is pretty cool and interesting. Disappearances or them e right like that's thought good what I'm saying but like he disappeared. Wait that they did he come back. Oh they never saw him again disappeared and they never saw him again. Yeah. Oh disappearance disappearances a whole section of Kapadia. Oh don't go there. Don't go there. Don't know. Oh This guy's got a story. We've just I just didn't know it. He's got one more story to. Looks like I got read more about this dude. WHO Is a WHO, let's kind of hands off the. List of people who disappeared as the worst wikipedia page I could ever click on like it's just like list. No. Don't go there. I WANNA go there though list of where is that? It linked. Who Disappeared Yeah Pre nineteen seventy Oh my God there are several of them only other several post nineteen, seventy for other lists of disappeared persons, lists of people who disappeared. Oh, my God Oh, this is dark as hell. That's what I'm saying is snoopy still them. Like, when was the last time anyone under the age of twenty saw anything resembling snoopy in advertising or anything else? Anyway, it's something I. mean. Just, newbies still do those like life insurance ads everyone snoopy leg weird spawn. It's a really weird. It's like, okay. Really Weird that snoopy was the face of a life insurance company. Think about it. It's weird but snoop about it. It's weird snoopy who are them one, two, three, them. Still have mccomb on people still show their kids those. Like in. The cities and all the peanuts, seasonal films, your. Home Your Halloween Dog Gig the snoopy dog it's like Oh your friend had a kid like get a snoop stuffed snoopy and woodstock like that's a cute queer relationship like we like to be in woodstock but it's I just funny to me. Now I'm thinking about snoopy selling life insurance. It's really weird snoopy's. Anyway, so he's always like to be has your. Hope you're insured because like it seems like it's dangerous that he's always like in a plane. Yeah he's always like fighting in a plane like that says like weird obsession which is like trying to creepy right luckily, he's life insurance and. Metlife, you know who the money goes to woodstock. No. Though the money doesn't go to woodstock because they're not like domestic partners like there they were never allowed to marry. So it's just like tragedy and like the money goes to Charlie Brown and in Woodstock it's left high and dry, and then Charlie Brennan's like. It doesn't have any money to woodstock even though he should exactly what happened does exactly what happens that's exactly what happens. Woodstock this fucking left high and dry at some shitty. Tree that doesn't even want to live in. Age. Raggedy a true tragedy. I'm sure I wanNA find some peanuts fantastic because I'm sure none of it is positive like I'm sure all peanuts fantastic is like bleak because how could it not those kids? They're not growing up well adjusted they're growing up miserable all of them. Okay. Remember when the today show people dressed up as being further proof. Further proof. Look up those photos. If you haven't seen those photos I'm we've mentioned before but if you haven't seen the photos on today, show people dressed up as the peanut characters you have to google them was with the motor hold it was. One of the most insane experiences I've ever had looking at them dressed as the snoopy kids whoever did that make up?.

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