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Hour together for about a year or so? I'm I'm reading GonNa say something else. Yeah up four minutes Bob look very little so was she living in the trailer Taylor with her daughters or anything. No no no God for that. Wow why are you are you. Would you is a fair to say that you're a man who's really blessed to live in the moment. Yeah I would say back. Then when you're that age you know you think that's another and you with your voice you so oh missed the call for King of the hill. You could've made thousands with King of millions with King of the hill. Scott people tell me I could read a book all my life history the next to the fence with the other guys. I'm Scott I have to ask the guy question here ready. Okay okay. So two sisters and the mom who you like best little sister the middle you know why because I'm a middle sister and Scott. We try harder we just doing. So sky gives got Scott. What do you do for a living these days? I'm a welder Central pump and the North Dakota. Now let's give machine pompa shoutout happy holiday appropriate. Yeah I could the jingles all right Scott. Yeah so so. What are you getting a little woman for Christmas this year? I'm outer Adana. I'm a necklace me. She's not listening. I hope she's not listening. Scotch still sleeps. He goes to work later on go to she do. She works for a daycare. How many guys named Scott working that place with a wife who works at a dare daycare? Could they be got to be a half a dozen eight jeff taxes. Well does your current life know that you were that you did all this. Yes yes I told her history. Okay but you put that behind you right. You're good family man now Raleigh. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. Uh Scott Your current wife doesn't have any sisters no and the mother lives a fireplace away. I think it's a scots grown up. He disclosed everything to his wife. He's he's got he's probably the most solid faithful guy ever. He just had a wild time of it. Yeah you don't get out. You have a wild time when you're younger and you hardy and everything else right. Well you're Weldon now so keep your mind on the welding. Alright Alright Alright holidays guy. So holidays give Scott Jingle stick. I know he's had his share. Bobby was let Scott over there bobby. I'm telling you he's right up against the fence. Boom hours cousin came to Scotland Pair Smith. No daddy he's in Texas. You don't want you to end up like that bobby. Oh man well. I think it's going to be a good holiday season for everybody. It's Bob and Sheri very well here on this show Bob and Sheri hot cast on the Bob and Cherry. We went up to the Christmas attic where we keep all of our decorations ornaments and all of our favorite Bob and Sheri Christmas vintage stuff and we found this call that we absolutely love. Let's listen now. We want you to have a joyous Roya Christmas in one that's filled with. Mary meant but we cannot get drunk on Christmas Eve. It's just it's not a good idea. Joanie is with us one of our listeners. Right now This story but understand your father got drunk on Christmas. That's not good Johnny. Not Just my dad's There's nine.

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