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Look, I'm sure you know what? That's what I like about you. That's what I like about you. That's what I like about you. You. You keep your woman naive. Lets it go. No, you make me feel all right, well, That's true. That's what I like. That's what I like. That's what That's right. I live here. Oh, hi. Yeah. Under its 747 free. That's 1 807 473733, you're listening to an all eighties weekend. I'm John Hughes, creator of Mr Mom and National Lampoon's Vacation comes another Get breakfast Club w Ves CFM West Palm BEACH, South Florida's sunny Windows 79. Don't you hear me? Hello. It doesn't matter anyway, and take up with that. Nobody in the future. What's up Baby man's destiny? I don't know how much you you wanna get out of school. Just around the corner and you got a man. Just wait. Do you ever want to pay? Oh, my gosh. Leak. Take a chill pill Theeighties. It's will keep coming isn't all eighties weekend on Sonny, one of 79. Ruse. Gotta make you understand. We're gonna be oh, down around you. I'm gonna say we've known each other muscles. You're drinking game. Around the O. I'm gonna be. Oh, each other both your thinking. Go. No way. No the game ever gonna play. I just want to tell you I'm gonna make you understand. Sunny windows 79. It's an all eighties weekend. What about this? What about this city?.

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