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We did move my regular segment with my son daroca from tmz to 230 this afternoon is usually on the two that i had mistakenly puts something else in there and he's gone with the flow which is important i gotta talk to him about first and foremost this halwa new controversy about harvey weinstein legal documents that are basically trashing meryl streep and jennifer lawrence by saying that they are they actually support him and they can go and his behavior which is definitely not true um also talk about our omarosa and this uh this crazy show that she's on what is it called big brother and never watched it never will watch it but yeah she's on big brother what is it about i don't know i've never watched it on the air to watch it it's just a reality tv shoot tv show she's bacchanales she makes says she makes a living off of these reality tv show say now that's where she gets her her breadandbutter funk yeah i guess so long listen you know it's working for her only thing i know about the show like people give voted offer they vote he had at survivor no no they like vote each other offer something they live in the same house that survivor that they vote each other off but survivor you're actually like that can eileen or something outside dislike him indoor leica like a studio i guess in new york that is as made of into a house i don't know i don't really watching people just move in and live together no they always get like dealers celebrities half retirement slapping together and you know the saddest thing is that i had absolutely no idea who half of the people i asked what i'll say well with a view and what they do yeah like will who are these people that are on with her who is kodak black the you know that he's not on none of vedeno area connect like really what who is he he's a he's a young rapper atr floor they got busted right he's not very bright assia's coach for each is facing charges including marijuana possession possession of ammunition no just alicia mckee he's been arrested like ten times as year from his hot in his home is.

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