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Dead among four dead in North Carolina. Which is being pounded for a second day by hurricane Florence, which is now been downgraded to tropical storm Florence boxes. Eban Brown has more from Wilmington North Carolina that woman and infant child died here in Wilmington when a large tree fell on their home this morning, the tree smash through the ceiling falling on them. Both the husband quickly called nine one one and they responded quickly with a two or already dead. Other emergency calls have been tended to. But police say they've had to prioritize it not everybody calling nine one one. It's an immediate response. Service. The weather's still treacherous here. And so damage assessments won't begin for a couple of days in Wilmington, North Carolina, Eban Brown, Fox News to other debts. One person killed in Lenore county while plugging in a generator and another woman with a medical condition died in Pender county after first responders were unable to reach her because down three blocked the road, Massachusetts. Governor Charlie Baker says the state is intervening after one person died. More than a dozen hurt explosions rocked towns in the Merrimack valley area. We've made a decision to declare state of emergency and based on that declaration. We have the authority. To put in charge of this operation through the department of public utilities the organization. The we want to have managed this effort. Governor Baker says he's also appointing another utility eversource energy to spearhead. The response Columbia gas of Massachusetts being blamed for the gas explosions, which also sparked numerous fires a twenty nine year old man who was shot in the head earlier this week on north swan street, nobody has died of his injuries already. Police say berry ties pronounced dead at Albany med officers responded to a call of shooting early Tuesday morning and found ties inside a building between second and third streets. No arrests or suspects at this point. Anyone with information asked to call the detective division or submit anonymous tip to capital region crime stoppers. Two men busted colony last night caught with fourteen Ford credit cards and skimming device. Sheriff's deputies observed the men acting suspiciously in the parking lot of best western on wolf road last night upon investigating. They also discovered a quantity of marijuana. The two men one from deer park the Hatfield pencil. Vania both reigned in comedy town court and were taken to Albany county jail. Sharon meadow in San Francisco's Golden Gate park officially being renamed. Robin Williams meadow new signs are being installed today. After city supervisors approved the name change last year late Robin Williams often performed at the park. W G Y news time coming up to five. Oh five. Let's get the latest on Wall Street and the Bloomberg market minute. This Bloomberg market minute on WGN wires, presented by Fagin associates. It's your money, and we know that stocks were little changed at the end of the Friday session. The Dow Jones industrials rose eight points to twenty six thousand one fifty four the NASDAQ closed three points, lower the S and P five hundred added appoint all of the moves were less than a tenth of a percent. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Carolinas are without electricity is hurricane Florence pounds the region. More than fifteen hundred flights were cancelled trains and buses are also cancelled and businesses are closed. Stephen. Schork of the short group tells Bloomberg regional gasoline shortages caused by evacuations will ease quickly short live impact. And what you're going to see over the next. Few days is a significant decline in gasoline demand. As people stay locked up in their homes and roads closed short says refineries were never threatened by Florence reports. From Washington showed August pickups and retail sales and industrial production. The university of Michigan reported consumer sentiment is at a six month, high the crude oil futures rose.

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