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Flip the script in your clients minds that your jim oh my goodness chris is going to be in the gym on saturday morning at ten o'clock this is awesome world to hang out with them we get to ask them about what's going on and that is how you want to set things up so it's just eventually communicating hey everybody i won't be training these sessions anymore because as you know my mission in life is to go and help this many people do this make these changes and i just want to go up there and do it and so i'm stepping away we brought in these new coaches they're going to be training with me for a couple of weeks you're gonna get to meet them you're gonna love them they're going to be better than me and i'm just stepping away to have greater impact and then when you get people to understand that everybody's going to buy in and everyone will get over it because we all get over everything in life and because everything you can get over and everything's a learnable skill and just go out there and with that mindset become the oprah madonna or rockstar of your business and have everybody realized that but have obviously have great charisma and be very humble but realize you have to step away in order to help more people lost thing what's the one thing that you want the viewer at least not everybody run out you need to this what do you want them to do i want you to go out and redefine or first of all define your definition of success what is it that you really truly want to do with your skills your talents and bishen 's your values your vision for your future and figure out here's the best version of me then i want you to go and get a coach or a mentor or even your big brother big sister your your mother your father your your spouse partner and have them say where can i elevate my game and then from that what i want you to do is play to that level.

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