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Talk about this for nine years. One thing that I'm going to go I. I didn't think you would have an answer right away. So I went. Okay now you. Know you just read you read it at a time of course he did. Go ahead talking here we go. One just like be yourself the dumbest thing. Different Ways Rees saying have fun out there for take a deep route by yellow. That really felt like such a breakthrough for me was realizing the consuming art was so important to making art. Now, I'm not assuming that they're talking about art, but they are talking about creativity. So like if I want to remember how imp-, if I'm writing a movie I'll watch a great movie just not to lift from it or even toned the that. Remember what it feels like how important and special it can be just to be like a fan of it. I've been tinkering with a book idea for a really long time and as I mentioned Reading Rob's book everything spiritual about available now. Just reminds me of the pleasure of reading new fresh book and seeing it on the page and seeing the cover, and it gets me in touch with that excitement again, and then definitely would stand up when I was starting out and it was like, why can't I just right every day I heard this interview with Seinfeld it's in the movie comedian and he's like construction workers and you going to work every day. Why can't we talking about the creative process and while I can agree with that sort of You don't have to be in the right mood to. Weld In the same way you have to be alert you have to be. Capable and all these things. You don't have to have this like in Alchemy of confidence and basic needs met and rest and brain lit up, and.

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