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Targeted for uc to sixty eight and that car looking pretty. That's amazing. i heard nate diaz finding that cartoon really. That's what that's the rumor. Yeah i you know for tomorrow. Zeman poorly on edwards dude but So you know the use the day. Dana white in the afc loved that. I fight against comoros when kobe covington So the running this back which makes sense. There's there's a demand for it my thing would. This fight is if you look at since they last fought. How much better has comorros leaps them about. Kobe hasn't done anything and the racing. And there's only one way to get better at fighting's by fighting so I don't see it going like the last one even though come out still on that last one. I think he's done a little easier this time since yo- trevor wittman maze together strikingly graded fucking whore heyman. Yeah insane all right so on that same card. This is their verbally agreed. So just engaging and unleash hell you. Oh i love that. Fight chandler gauging. There's some bad blood there signed me And this. I found pretty interesting. Anthony johnson johnson video ninkovic for the title. Oh nice yeah. Those are right. Great fights god for rumble heyman. Am fought in his fucking nemtsov like Okay beta fish corey aniston. That's a great fight. So i wonder how this works though. So this is the have lightweight grand prix but if rumble once he has to win the title right. No not. I was on the line You have to win the whole thing. I think so then. Yeah so then if he wins. And let's say korea wins the anti verse core for the light heavyweight title. Those are two great fights definitely This is also great. Douglas lima michael page. Two for bella. Tories returned to london and se arena. Dude if you want that to me michael Page michael venom. Page out of all the guys as far as marketability skill wise you know speaks well looks good. Has all the krizan the world. If mike page can get past lima dude he is. He is bella tours. Izzy he's there. He's there cash cow. Yeah usually him to win. He knew more in these big fights. I think he can get it done to always exciting. Yeah never been yeah. Mostly spiting Paul daily that was. That was freaking lane is. I should have been one of the best fights over paul. Nama grappler now are. This is kind of a bummer. It's a great fire. But it's a bummer. So while harris was tied to vesa. Was it a bummer. Because wall harris he hasn't gotten to win and a whole lot crazy story and then plus ties like knockout artists. Walt hairs yeah To good dude. Good times bad for walt. Yeah bad news your rotana suarez. I know dissociate. She has a knee injury. That actually requires surgery. Al-faw yeah so it's gonna be a tour some hot minute. Yeah wow so it was. The knack knows the knee and this is such a shame. The could be of the females is taking a little break.

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