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Com Makes you feel so much better Get the tea dot com. Don't forget promo code Hunter Take apply for free shipping your exclusive Wcbm Weather Channel forecast. Keep a close eye on those thunderstorms. As they start to fire up this afternoon. They're capable of producing some gusty winds and perhaps even some heavy rain. They'll be scattered. So not everybody sees the rough weather temperatures around 90 today and a few thunderstorms during the evening hours tonight. Tomorrow, though not as much rain one or two thunderstorms. It's even warmer. 93 the high meteorologist Terry Smith, from the Weather Channel for Talk Radio. 6 80 WCBS at Penn Station in Baltimore. 91 degrees It's 88 right now in Hampstead reporting a Tuo six on Michael Philip Ellie 6 80 Wcbm News in Commando here, Wcbm Studios are sponsored by a safe retirement solution. Is it convenient locations near you in Towson, Annapolis, The Rush Limbaugh show starts now on talk radio 6 80 wcbm. Now from the formerly blue State of Pennsylvania. Heard w H P 5 80, Harrisburg. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome today's guest host. Can Matthews always good to see you? Thank you So much for tuning into the Rush Limbaugh show. My name is Ken.

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