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I really enjoy the movie this is a different challenge than your typical film for number reasons right man star was home but like because you're also coming so late in the process yeah so i'm wondering how is this different from typical ron howard movie i think i do it was an interesting journey and in i i i i realized i was having to i had to rely on my instincts i'm raw instincts more than i normally normally would because i didn't have the time to repair movie and sort of develop a point of view about it i i had to i had to have a point of view but i need to i need i needed to have it that instant and without having lived with it for months or years and it was interesting because i had to trust those instincts and i had you know collaborators i could turn to to as a kind of a safety net but clearly saw that no no no one was looking for me to be a figurehead they you know it's not the way these these movies and lucasfilm works they wanted they wanted the leadership and so that was interesting the other thing is i went into it feeling that you know i was gonna ply my my experience and my professionalism to this and and i i really liked the story and i believed in it but it was almost an arm's length kind of of a relationship that i was going to have with this and i i would i take advantage of the fact that that they needed me at a time when i wasn't planning to direct anything anyway and i would i would sort of tackle it as a as a professional slash creative challenge and it did not take long before i was all in.

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