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Truckee around fifty between twin bridges and miners traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Stever over news seventy three point one care for care for mostly cloudy this afternoon showers stop it on the low fifties a few showers tonight low forty three to forty seven cloudy cool tomorrow more showers I fifty three to fifty seven periods of rain Monday I made fifties I'm accu weather's John feared news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. local news breaking news traffic you have to make sure your money is doing what it's supposed to do what if you could run out of money or could suffer a big loss in the next stock market crash you have to make sure these things don't happen if you'd like to find out where you stand be one of the first five callers and you'll receive your free no risk no obligation peak retirement navigator review if you save at least five hundred thousand dollars for retirement will meet with you free of charge we'll teach you how to reduce your fees decrease your risk how to develop dependable income for life and how to create a written plan so don't wait call pound to fifty on your cell phone right now and see the key word of money for your free peak retirement navigator review dial pound two fifty and say the key word money and remember at peak financial freedom group we fix your money advisory services offered through fiduciary solutions LLC Jim files California insurance license number zero F. zero six five one one and Dan Ahmed California insurance license number zero seven three two nine one three hi it's Kitty back again for Lexus of Sacramento let's suppose for a moment that between quality service and price you could only choose to which would you choose well at Lexus of Sacramento they never make you choose because they'll deliver on all three daily quality service and price don't ever feel like you have to compromise on any of them go beyond expectations go to lex's of Sacramento twenty six hundred Fulton Avenue or online at Lexus of Sacramento dot com don't settle for cheap furniture that won't last fine quality you can afford it it was on a leather and fabric get thirty to fifty percent off selected floor samples and accessories or ask about custom ordering.

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