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Smith while you don't forget the testing welcome to this special edition where we talk. Lines and the dahlia. We held an exceptional clubhouse wound dedicated to but it was not recorded. I know i know bummer. But anyways without about sharing some note about the stages of the written and read by mark millon a food wine and travel writer and the author of numerous books as well as magazine articles published on both sides of the atlantic. Stay tuned smith. While you don't forget this testing teams the juggernaut that is zero. D'italia rolls relentlessly on as we approach some of the most exciting stages in the highest mountains. Here are my reports for stages fourteen fifteen and sixteen stage. Fourteen ci two dalla to monterey his own gone two hundred five kilometers. Hope it's what drives us all on. It's what makes us get up in the morning. Hope is what gets professional cyclist out of bed. In the dead of winter to put in the hard kilometers to prepare themselves even just to be able to take part in a grand tour like the jitter the tanya. It's what makes them keep writing every day over three weeks. When every muscle sinew and bone in their body must be aching an utter agony. Yesterday's route from ravenna to vote. Ona passing through. Oughta and montoire in homage. Dante alighieri was a day for most riders just to recuperate and try to recover before the arduous days in the mountains it could not have been flatter or straighter. It was day when there was absolutely no hope for a breakway a small group of riders to try to get ahead and hold out to the finish and yet a trio led by the indefatigable simone pillow. Who's proving to be this year's most combative rider tried all the same. Even when the full might of the peleton was bearing down on them in the final five kilometers when it was clearly hopeless to hang out any longer they still made a final acceleration to try and prolong their moment in the sun for just a little longer. Why what drove the mon- when there was absolutely no point whatsoever. why did they expend precious energy and fatigue. They're already aching muscles. When there was absolutely no benefit to be gained it seems that hope becomes a habit a state of mind so they just drove themselves on. Hopefully giacomo needs solo. The italian and european champion knows about hope as much as anyone one of the most popular writers in the peleton. He's an immensely talented sprinter. Who so far has been unable to win a stage in his home grand tour finishing second on countless disappointing occasions. What must have gone through his mind. Then at the very end of the stage when having been delivered to the final two kilometers in perfect position by his hard-working becca hustles team. He saw eduardo. Fini of jumbo visita accelerated such an astonishing pace for a final dash to glory along the straight corso. Porta nuova verona. It was an audacious move and feeney was powerful enough to open up a sizeable gap. That look almost hopeless to re-lane did need at that moment then that he might have to settle for another second no he believed in himself because he had hope in his heart gradually quickly almo super humanly. He pounded after his countrymen got back onto his wheel sip stream for just a moment and powered past him arms aloft..

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