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Up the top of the hour eight five five two one two forty two twenty seven the toll free number that's eight five five two one two four CBS let's grab some of your more your phone calls as I take you home here Joe is in the car what's a joke yeah first time call law good morning thanks yeah what's up Joe yeah the German a guard from doing that call the say that created a pop that all right let me tell you something my friend when I got to go to the Super Bowl night turns out because the bumpers that you've never been about this that will never be about this that this guy is all about winning super bowls all these all about winning super bowls he'd be in New England well you know I'm very all this property I've done so much for this great strides it kills me do you recall what I'm glad he's grown he's gone just to prove to miss the boat check which I never liked that guy egotistical arrogant SOB your pager are you ever purchased but I'm not about your experience and I came away I'm so sorry what if you want to know why why I want you to build broad spectrum of sideline what you're seeing there were mortar fire the goal of our modems it even appear arrogant when young women who are known women and women were spiteful again zero two G. O. Armageddon let's get this straight I understand I can mark the book project earned as mark Martin I don't know what the turn signal I'll just tell you what Sir hello look you spoke to so many players that have yeah well eight AM because he's just not only sticking a big car yeah look at Brady is done them to big papers over the years with the the salary is taken as a fascinating call I mean I as in Milan New Englander I can understand watching your team win six championships and hating the couple I can't I can't fathom that but I I I I mean we've all seen bill Belichick the way he operates in there is no loyalty there and then you think about all those guys you talk about that they could have been paid should obey deserve to be paid got paid elsewhere now you have a one how many of them come back in stock at the bell Jack stuck it to the patriots some very long list Tom Brady is forty is gonna go to Tampa and stick it to bell Jack in take them to the Super Bowl title install tell me now give Belichick win with what's left over in New England that's another big question you go out and get let's say Jacoby Brissette couple people manager James Winston I don't see that as a fit but if you want to try to hit the home run okay we can imagine it no it was good day again all this is well I mean that's an aging team is going to take time to build the patriots backup how much time does bill Belichick have that's a fair question I am both sides are heard in this I think with Tom Brady the patriots have the ability to compete for a Super Bowl again without Tom Brady depending on what they do hard to see right now could be very Super Bowl title the W. playoff team learn about that next level content amber Brady in Stampa Bates got a same deal they could be a playoff team not a Super Bowl contender eight five five two one two for CBS and they both hurt themselves again it's it's ego twenty years it's a relationship that maybe ran it's course I mean it's a special relationship twenty years bill Belichick was glowing of Tom Brady in a statement that he put out this week in glowing terms talking about time I I've no doubt that that relationship can be repaired if it even reached the point where it's in what you would call this repair but sometimes things run their course I understand some of that but you know so is gonna sit back and realize if I'm about winning where's my best opportunity to win about bill Belichick Mumbai waiting what's my best opportunity to win I think it hurts to pay down Brady take another crack with him and again an older New England team that doesn't have a whole lot of big runs left in this thing but without Brady I mean you wouldn't think it's happening as soon as this year I sanded it Lana give this a shot a Sam where are you talking about overpaid quarterback how destroy your brand June I'm saying I have been here my dirty birds twice we make Matt Ryan I'd buy a quarterback in the league twice and it came out strong apart both times now you hear people complain about the defense or whatever but here's the deal yeah Matt Ryan who who has reached its limit years ago you have to go out make a big Terry Bozzio don't you have to go out and get a Tony Gonzalez data they have you gotta keep your Roddy white nobody white because all you have to bet the first topic and Kay and Calvin Ridley thank you know you you have to do is take that ride is not good enough to make the guys around him better the guys around him make him better so your toddler beds and and and and all but the talent to lift him up I mean you got people complain about the debate well you spent every nickel you have it digit surrounding players to over compensate for the fact that you overpaid to gobble up limited potential and we've done it twice here in Atlanta we need a lot of space where the leak twice the thing that's falling apart well done it is at least Matt Ryan completed top ten level I I've seen Matt Ryan play at a top ten quarterback level II is a quarterback that is at least capable of winning a Super Bowl we nearly saw it happen but you're right you're never gonna have a good defense if you're paying your quarterback thirty plus million dollars are you just gonna sacrifice in your guy your quarterback as to be great and an elevator to be in that situation and Matt Ryan is is right on that borderline well I would agree because what it came down to it when you need it Matt Ryan to make a play in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl you couldn't right and so you end up paying off the face of the biggest so dropping his serve American sport twenty it could very well be Great Britain Matt Ryan Jones style that's the number that our dirty birds right now I know but but the fact of the matter is when you may and the reason we lost that's football because they were determined to put the ball and that right there is that the budget agreement saying yes and we all know what happened but I I think I would I would put that on the coach is more so than Matt Ryan but I I understand your saints analog I mean that's your team and and Matt Ryan he is that borderline case like I think they're worse major contracts have gone out to quarterbacks in our top ten guys Joe Flacco Matthew Stafford's because he's never seem to be healthy like actually healthy even if he's on the field is always something going on with them and and it never is able to play a consistent high level you know those are the kind of guys that you're paying the big money you're not gonna have talent around them Matt Ryan again I feel like I've seen him play in the top ten level I've seen him at times picked up his tee do you want to focus on that Super Bowl game man look I get it and you're right the first paragraph met Brian's obituary will have twenty eight to three and it will make the tombstone the first paragraph the O. but I bet that's going to be part of any significant part of his legacy now to me is that he's one of the borderline guys but when you do pay the quarterback you probably not have a great defense probably not gonna great office of line you're not gonna have a perfect team that goes out the window once you pay the quarterback in in teams I'm sure they respect that you have to get it right when you pay the cobra puma borderline guy you have you have all the hope you put all these years into him so you guys let him go fish again in the draft Bob in Richmond Hey what's up OB Hey good morning how are you I'm great yeah the only thing I'm not a Tom Brady Brady lever or anything but everybody talked about bell checked me in the best ever without Tom Brady how many playoff games as the one well one of the one the one in in Cleveland and New England how many as they want none I know so so why is there by dogs on saying how great Belichick is and no one anything without Brady Brady has won anything without Belichick I mean they're just they were together for twenty years they're inextricably linked to I mean Bella check at eighteen eleven and five with Matt Cassel one year at a they make the playoffs so I mean how many playoff games double check lost without Tom Brady Manek that's known as well so you know we'll find out we'll find out a little bit is it maybe even too late for both of them to be peak enough in their careers were you could say one can't do it without the other all let's go quickly matin Boston's gonna finishes out Hey good morning step back the the other reason why I'm calling I was I'm I'm up here in Boston and I I honestly think that Brady Bedloe candidate if you didn't if they had concerns once and then thrown fifteen less cakes last year other than eleven in five or ten and six I think Tom comes in with the weapons that he has become an instant Superbowl contender yeah I don't see Super Bowl contender for Tampa goes that defense does a ways to go now you have to have an offense of line that is top notch and where that Winston boasting a pocket quarterback but not to the degree that Tom Brady is in his forties yeah but the defense also you know if you're on the field all the time lately because all these picks her nose in anything if you're on the field all the time the defense is young and they and they didn't play well to say in the second half of the year last year so I'm just I'm I'm I'm a Belichick lover in the brain you are thank you bye titles real quick make the point that I'm I'm I'm a modem but I I you know the only time will be rooting against Tampa Bay is one the plane the patriots nets and that won't be until twenty twenty one to get a little while until that happens look only Tom Brady there about murders about once and for all the interceptions he threw it through a ton of touchdown to throw a ton of yards as well is Tom Brady is forty is going to hit those peak numbers that Winston it this year I think it is going to more balanced job out of that quarterback position having Tom Brady there you don't have the same big plays we also love the disasters place it should be a plus overall for Tampa but not to the point where I'm saying there's Super Bowl contender big bags to Tampa Bay times bucs beat writer Eduardo Encina joining us on the show great job the other side of the glass Tyler Mauriello John fans Peter Schwartz could be updated all people cart the I'll be back with you again filling in for Vince Quinn from two to six in the morning eastern time tomorrow John Kincaid next on CBS sports radio every day doctors without borders teams confront hard facts.

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