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A thirty four year old Indiana man could face charges, of neglect in the deaths, of his two young children sharp Oscar Martinez. Says tests have been done results not in yet whether thirty four year old Eric Patillo was under the. Influence of alcohol or drugs when his children died in the kankakee river. Yesterday afternoon the sheriff says to fishermen reported Patillo in. And, out of consciousness beforehand then, the psalmist. Patillo jumping in, the, water and. The witnesses were concerned, about where the kids were at so they started looking. For the kids and. Found them in the water One floating on top. Of the water one other water the two boys who died were two year old. Evan Patillo, and his four-year-old brother Levi in crown point burning to foia NewsRadio on one of five point nine FM Twenty-three-year-old. Indiana man has been, charged with conspiring with his girlfriend to poison her infant niece Marshall Snyder is, alleged to have encouraged Sarai Rodriguez. Miranda to add crushed painkillers, to a bottle of breast milk Snyder's accused of texting his girlfriend to kill the baby Rodriguez. Miranda fled in Michigan and was arrested last September. She was sentenced to twenty five years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder. Mom shamed that's what, a will met woman says. Happened to her when she let her daughter, take the dog for a walk Corey sprint as says. She was greeted by police officers at her door on, August third shortly after eight, year old daughter took their Maltese out for. A walk something she says she does every day sprinter says a neighbor called police and filed a complaint. To DCFS police never pursued charges and in the end the agency did Not find any neglect. On her Facebook. Page she says the call to police was deliberately, intended to, intimidate and mom shame her she sends a letter to our neighbor suggesting if they're concerned in, the future they should reach out to her directly sprinter says her daughter is home. Schooled and is. Within her view at all times even, walking the dog these fielding, NewsRadio on one oh five point nine FM. Geneva police are asking for the public's help in finding a man who assaulted a woman on August ninth they. Say the incident happened just before eight pm in the nine hundred block of south, peck road. That's when the woman was. Approached by a man who allegedly tried to rob her when she began to scream for, help he's alleged to. Have cut her in the neck with a sharp metal object. Before running away the AccuWeather forecast and sports coming up next WBZ news time two. Thirteen only,.

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