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You have speed you're going to. You're going to get a chance and there's a lot of guys who have speed who just never put it together for one reason or the other. But i obviously we're talking about the eagles wide receiver quest watkins. Who was like the start of training camp and now it looks like they might have all the sudden now. Ross not not to make this a full. Eagles focus podcast. They got a bunch of guys who can run after having the slowest offense in the nfl for like two years running like all of a sudden they've just got a bunch of guys who can run and quiz. Watkins is one of them. He has become a very popular late round. Best ball pick. Not just for me but for a lot of folks. Yeah i bet are. Let's get into the quarterback tears which means we get to hear from the great scott sheriff. Carrie underwood's keyboard player who also has awesome voice with me as a duet saying. Joe dolan if joe doling drafting. See if follow joe. Dolan turn to tears of joe doll. you know. it's even better if you watch it on. Youtube youtube dot com slash. Ross tucker. Nfl so you can see me singing along to it excited. Brian just sits there awkwardly in plays. It doesn't know what to do. Joe's a little confused. It's all great. I love it. And i love joe's quarterback tears. You got one two three four guys and your elite tier of quarterbacks joe what does it mean and their names are mahomes allen murray jackson. I guess i'm not surprised by any of them. Maybe cuyler murray a little bit. But i know the running elementary helps. Yeah when it comes to college just a bunch of the running elements the big plays. He's a splash player. And i'd like to see him by the way improve on that. I fought very similar his first two years. He was kind of a splash player. He's the running makes him a fantasy. Chico these are the guys who are the key codes right. The rich remark came up with the konami code. The contra code where you get thirty lives in contra down down up down left right left for ab start. Or i remember the ninja turtles game. That had that on any s and got the level select which was the coolest thing ever it..

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