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Washington on dual thompson at 1050 am fm and am six thirty washington paul w romeo washington mornings on the wall am six thirty good morning happy friday joining us in ten minutes larry michael boyce at the reds redskins with a preview of the games coming up against cowboys at edel five steve moore with his view on the budget vote in the latest on tax reform any fifteen is elizabeth schultz with the new name of jeff stewart high school and a eight thirty five from the fox news channel it is bret there and i am mary walter sitting here alongside dims colonies big news this morning the house intelligence committee for many months now has been seeking answer from the fbi about how the government has been using the information contained within that infamous trump dossier information about the dossier itself as well as whether or not that information was used as a predicated to a whole host of investigations now we may get some answers paul ryan telling the world yesterday the fbi has now agreed to hand over documents as early as next week curious the point of these investigations is defined the truth and to make sure things if laws were violated or mistakes were made their made again and transparency is what gets you that it is our job under article in the constitution the legislator branch of government to conduct a full and thorough oversight over the executive branch that is a really important responsibility for congress this is why were so frustrated to have learned through the media aspects about this investigation of that we've been asking for documents from the fbi for months and so uh since since yesterday morning the fbi got in touch with us yesterday afternoon and they as as info they have informed us that they will comply with our document requests and that they will provide the documents congress has been asking for by next week and we expect the fbi uh to to honor that that commitment all right so the fbi gonna come through now all of a sudden now what else happened on wednesday of this week where the fbi all the cut all of a sudden came throw oh that's right the gag order was lifted off an fbi informant on the very same day remember this fbi informant represented by victoria tons singh who we've been speaking to this week the.

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