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Junior show weeknights at six kfi during shannon an update on what's going on in florida mary's has story out of panama city way up near the panhandle that they are working on an active shooter situation bought this may also be connected to a mysterious death in a place nearby called santa rosa beach the may have they believed that the person that they're dealing with at this apartment complex in panama city may also be the same person responsible for or these having something to do with mysterious death in a nearby area called santa rosa beach so police have been very busy at this point and haven't really held much in the way of a update for the media fitters the beach also dealt with that naked guy yesterday the guy that was running the beach holding cooking oil and putting it on his legs everybody's got a thing there is an update on the tony cardenas situation congressman tony cardenas of the twenty ninth district is going to have a hard go of it in a couple of weeks when he's up for re election at least in the primary demonstrators descended on his office yesterday to say that they believe in allegation that he assaulted a sixteen year old girl eleven years ago there is a there was a press conference panorama city about a dozen people against them so i mean it's not like it was the entire neighborhood came out to protest this guy but they sit out of respect for the community the family respect for the victim raskin the congressman to step down he's the target of a lawsuit by a woman who says he drugged and fondled her during a golf outing in la in two thousand seven now he has vigorously denied that through his attorney last week in l a superior court judge ruled there is a reasonable and meritorious basis for the suit to go forward and that he was to be publicly identified as the plaintiff there was a there was at least one other person who had come out and suggested that that he resigned and it was jelica dwayne yes who is the idea i guess it's the green party candidate for the twenty ninth district she tweeted back on may third when this was when his name was originally attached.

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