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I'm Robert Wood chopping off news. A man in his twenties has been hit and killed on interstate thirty five this morning. The person who hit the man fled the scene and police are opening a witness comes forward with a description of the vehicle involved in a fatal hit and run. Two lanes are blocked in the eleven hundred block of northbound interstate thirty five while the investigation continues that's near seventh street proposition, j which deals with changing Austin's development code may be facing an extremely large. Uphill battle on Tuesday, campaign finance attorney, Fred Lewis is in favor of it. Because he says it would give a voice to the people that they currently don't have the city doesn't listen. If the staff doesn't listen if developers have too much influence than the public can say, no now wherever the mayor, and the majority of the city council have campaigned against its passage the Austin downtown alliances teaming up with the city and conservation. Groups and released a plan for a new park system downtown. Join CEO DeWitt peered says they got the idea from Austin wanting downtown to be more welcoming and he sees an opportunity with green spaces in the downtown business district. We're calling it an urban greenbelt because there's an opportunity to connect all of these. And it's the first time anything has been mapped in this way. Peered says the urban greenbelt as a long term plan and hopes to see something happen in the next fifteen to twenty five years. John Kelly, NewsRadio KLBJ now.

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