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So I'm going to recommend the show. Mrs America on Hulu It's an fx on Hulu show It's all about like second wave feminism. In the seventies like Gloria Steinem, And Betty for Dan, and but it's like mostly following Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schlafly who's like conservative woman trying to stop the era from being passed. It's Kinda wild, but it's incredible. I really been enjoying it. It has a really nuance job of portraying second wave. Feminists Feminism highly recommend. Meanwhile I have been listening to a podcast that. Some here might be familiar with It's called. My Dad wrote a porno. It is an award winning comedy podcast. It is some of the most absurd. I ever listened to basically the concept. is that this gentleman and his friends They are reading aloud. The gentleman's father's romance novel and this this Older Gentleman is writing romance for the first time and It is some of the raunchiest most messed up, but like hilarious material. And just. Very amateur rating as well and I don't exactly know how this man and his father have like retained relationship, because they absolutely destroy this novel in their criticisms, and it's it's big got a huge following. They've got like three hundred thousand followers on instagram right now. I. Am only on listening. I've only just started the first book and I know that the. The father the DAD has written. I think five now so. There's a lot of material and for people who are maybe afraid of romance. Maybe this isn't going to be Your Cup of tea. Just because it is so bonkers, bananas but at the same time. Maybe it will make other romance more palatable. WHO's to say? Well, my Gosh I love that I, WanNa go listen my recommendation It's kind of silly, but it's what's been keeping me. Entertained and feeling so I didn't tell him tell. Like masters. On Hulu it's wonderful. My brothers were super into like when we were kids and I was always disappointed that I. make cool stuff like they did so now i. just watch like a masters. And it's beautiful, and after you left and I'm GonNa be a little sad when it's over so. You're up for season two, so you guys mentioned Like your graphic designer and the instagram accounts at the characters, but where can we find? Consensual and then any personal projects or sites that you guys WanNa plug. You can find US primarily on Instagram at consensual pod. We should have the teaser hopefully by the time this episode is, our teaser will be up on spotify. You can go give it a listen and follow. Follow ten. We turn about so when the first episode drops in June, it will pop up in your spotify feed. you can follow me personally at be Grizz on all things to hear me. Complain about animal crossing important content..

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