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Got your bags packed yet. Here's travel with stephanie. Abrams entered traveling. Companion david is be. The magic is happening. Yankee candle village in south deerfield mass one of new england's most popular attractions. The village is a unique entertaining world of fun fantasy food and fragrance for the whole family. It's also the world's largest candle shop where kids and grown-ups can make their own candles. The village is home to the enchanting black forest where it snows. You're route santa's workshop where he welcomes visitors. Every day of the year hanoverian. Christmas village filled with sparkling holiday ornaments in addition to over four hundred thousand candles. You'll find toys gifts and more from great names. Like pandora and vera. Bradley him with tasty treats from yankee. Gandhi fresh fudge and popcorn pless. Every day is a holiday or sit down with the family for a wonderful meal at the award. Winning chandler's restaurant. 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I am delighted to have on the line with me live from dingle down on the dingle peninsula which if you're looking at a map of the republic of ireland is in the south west corner and Goal again to s abrahams dot net. Click on travel tv and choose episode two and also i think it's episode fourteen called characters with character in which i interview john moriarty who owns Lord bakers gastronomic restaurant and bar in dingle great food. great atmosphere. Great people and john is truly a character and you'll see me sit by the fireplace We're on each side of the fireside having our chat in the restaurant you'll love it. That's in episode. Fourteen episode to is called captivating. Carry a starts out in the limerick. You can find your way to limerick make a left turn to dingle so Do you do anything else or your life. Revolves around these cottages and the gift shop. That's their no. I don't turn us two minutes Probably have eventually hopefully if their workloads down which which which it is. We're we're getting the phase. The standard is getting higher every year. And we're getting jobs so hopefully when this hopefully once we have a small bit more. Don't have to put my attention as for. But at the moment my life revolves around the basket highlands reading pretty much. My family in the basque died. And so when when i contacted you You are busy getting the fire. Ready to warm the house before your children got home and I heard you clunking and scraping. And whatever i don't know it sounded if i can comparative sounds in our fireplace. It sounded like you were taking a little shovel. And taking out the ashes from the last fire Because it was kind of scraping sound going on there. What were you doing. Yeah that's exactly soon. okay man. Fire put a nuclear colin. Tim brown wow you know they also make peat briquettes they look like charcoal briquettes but they say pete and i don't know if you can get them in america i should try. I really has nothing. More wonderful than peat fire but We generally have woodfires as apparently you do as well so You've been up to some mischief. I'm looking apparently you have. This is not the first time that you are looking for two people to come and live on blessed island and Oversee being caretaker of the four cottages and The gift shop and a tea room or something as well. Is it yet. Just their coffee. Shoppers close okay Have you done this before. Look for look for someone to staff to run the comedy to run the now but i did do it as a kind of. I don't know it sounded like it's a contest. It isn't just a apply for a job kind of thing. Well it is. We didn't it was never intended to be contest. We we just put out the application asked. Your reaction didn't think we were worried before we put out the application. We were worried that would actually want job and want to live on the island for six months and by the end of the year we have sixty thousand people emailed us regard physician so i suppose we could bear. Go to ten percent of that. Wow and outta so..

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