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All radio dot com sports station nine o'clock on Mike McCann it's looking more and more like a two week delay to the start of a baseball season will stretch a whole lot longer federal officials are recommending that events involving fifty or more people like big time sports be canceled for the next eight weeks until mid may at the earliest those recommendations from the centers for disease control also likely lead to the NFL banning crowds from this spring's college player draft Yankee minor leaguer has been diagnosed with the coronavirus the still unidentified player shown a fighting with a fever and was then placed in quarantine GM Brian Cashman fills in some blanks what will be possible in our actions will be eighty eight for the game he left early and went home and stayed in the room of the forty people you did not have any interaction with all of our players and the department help to communicate to us that they have very little concern about that looks like the informal workouts Yankee players held since the game stop we'll have to stop we're coming down from the commissioner's office will not demanding facilities closed they want the team to the interest of social distancing steer clear of any organized activity tonight Daily News reporter Kristi actors discuss the impact of covert nineteen with the fans McCarthy and you kind of heard it whispered throughout baseball that eventually someone in baseball's gonna tap positive the way this is spreading and I think it was kind.

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