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Explosion at Letterkenny. Army depot north of chambers Berg Pennsylvania a Franklin county emergency dispatcher says the blast was reported about seven fifteen this morning a post on their Facebook page reads there's been an incident employees remain at your work area until further notified another post warning employees not to post or share any. Information regarding the incident we've been hearing that. At least, three people are hurt Oakland County authorities. Trying to learn why a body was found waited with cinderblocks in walled lake or. Live and local WWE Jay's Charlie Langton hey Charlie Yeah, hey, Tom, an autopsy will. Be done today that should assist thirties investigating the body that was, found floating in walled lake yesterday around, three forty five near Mercer beach beach on the north side of walled. Lake the man's legs though had similar blocks tied to them and there were. Cinderblocks found in the same parking lot in which the, man's car was, found Jeff canto he works in walled lake, finds it strange that's just insane to think about in general I am I, saving, like What to say about that that's kind of it's kind of scary, actually, now the. Police do believe they know who the man is they also say that the man has. Been missing since Saturday they did receive. A report of a missing man but again this investigation is continuing reporting live here in walled lake Charlie Langton WJ NewsRadio nine fifty w news time eight thirty three McCollum county sheriff's office has launched a new unmanned aerial vehicle unit consisting of four drones. Officials say these drones are able. To. Search, for, missing persons be used in rescues hostage situations traffic crash crime scene investigations there equipped with high resolution cameras that can capture both aerial, photos and video one unit has a thermal imaging camera they say. It can be used to search for someone in a, wooded area or in the water and emotional moment at last night's Espy awards in Los Angeles more than. One hundred and forty. Victims of sex abuse. By former USA gymnastics and MSU Dr Larry. Nassar expected. Accepted the arth Herash award for courage Nassar's first known victim was gymnast Sarah Klein Larry. Nassar. Began thirty years ago with me I thirty here's people at the United States Olympic committee USA gymnastics and Michigan State University all to money and medals about the safety of child Massar was accused of victimizing more.

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