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So. Do you have a nursery for the <hes> ah so we had thirty thousand larvae and then we we haven't counted yet so we don't know how many polyps we have yet but you know it'll easily be in the thousands so we'll go through will count them. We'll get them into special aquarium systems where we will rear them <hes> and keep them clean and tend to them for many months is to come until they are big enough and healthy enough to start doing research on when is the appropriate time to return these little guys back to the reef or potentially even go into something like the micro fragmenting that aaron talked about where maybe you can get them to grow a little faster and then go back to the reef so these two techniques totally go hand in hand. It's not i'm not feasible for humans to go replant the entire florida reef tract that is not going to work. <hes> what we can do is focus guests on replanting very resilient areas that then have the ability to reproduce on their own and repopulate the rest of the reef if tracked so aaron. Do you work together. Do your labs work together with other researchers. Oh yeah we always are communicating with each other. <hes> there are several partners throughout the state of florida and us working together is critical for you know recovery of the florida reef track. No one organization can do it by themselves themselves so let me ask you both carry an errand. So are there steps that people can take your average tourist beachgoer to help the coral reefs. I know i've heard something about even using the right sunscreen lotion so using reef safe sunscreen certainly doesn't hurt <hes> <hes> and what is that so there are certain chemicals in sunscreen that have been shown to be detrimental to corals at certain concentrations. I don't know all of that is actually evolving the research on that so i don't wanna list all of them off the top of my head but people can google that and learn about that online line so just an it's worth looking into using reap save sunscreen if you're gonna be snorkeling or diving in close proximity corals <hes> but i think it's a lot bigger issue here are so we have to look at what is happening. That is causing this decline. <hes> we have to look at our carbon footprints. We have to look at who is in charge politically and people can get out and do things like reduce our carbon footprint and make good decisions when they're voting <hes> it. It's really about going in voting for people that care about florida's coral reefs and voting for people that care about our environment and our economy erin. There's a lot of issues obviously affecting the florida reef track both global and local in nature and so one thing we do know is if you protect your reef. Locally you know have clean water reduce impacts to the reefs. Oh you wanna make sure not to directly touch any of the quarrels mixture. You're anchoring <hes> proper location where they're sand. <hes> you know be conscious about the personal care products that that you're putting into the water protecting that reef in a local scale actually allows though the corals to be able to withstand the global pressures in a more resilient way so they can handle global issues. When you take care of your refund a local scale in addition every resident of florida can also purchase a protect our reefs license plate the money that goes into those license plates actually helps support restoration in the florida keys <hes> and so it's a great way for somebody to be able to put a quarrel backout onto the reef you know just by getting protect reese license plate that is erin muller science director mode marine laboratory center for coral reef in research and restoration. We've also been talking with carey o.'neil senior coral scientist at the florida aquarium and roger german who is the ceo oh of the florida aquarium. Thank you all so much for being here. Thanks robin so there are lots of ways for you to connect with us. You can tweet us <unk>. Ask florida matters or find us on the w._s._f. Facebook page and florida matters is available as a podcast. You can search for it wherever you get your podcast. Florida matters is a production of w u._s._f. Public media the engineer is craig george this week show was produced by stephanie column beanie mary sheldon and steve newborn. I'm robin sussing ham. Thanks for listening.

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