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Upside a lot of promises for the source looked really good has looked really good since returning off a very long layoff. It's we didn't see this horse. Since august came back inland ran. Well came back. A pinnacle ran well again. I is obviously going in the right direction. Is she good enough to win here. I don't know about that. But i think she i mean she's interesting and then the four horse advertisement mcpeek hate the price. If she was a better price. I might pick her because she is very good at churchill downs. He likes us distance. She's dangerous if you're sucking down to two one on her is just. I can't do it. That's the problem. I think she obviously is like okay. I can. I can try to beat the triska. You look at this this horse okay. Three back they face each other and she was beating tuna a quarter to back. She lost is she. There's talking about any time. And then she never went up and face. The truth wasn't even close up of belmont. Now every talk did win a you know a small stakes churchill last time out really really impressively but every time she steps up to face the top one or two three horses in this crop. The she's in she gets be and it's not a knock on the four. I like her as a horse I watched that live in a person win. The ruling to park oaks. My dad and i were both like. That's that was really nice. She looked great that day. Look great in the paddock. All that stuff. But i don't think she's as good as truth and i think that's what it comes down to. I'm with you. I think spices nice. I think aches and one is a really really bad morning line. I think it's going to be more like three or four to one on them worse. Unfortunately but i think that's the one where it's like. We don't know how good she could be and she might you know she's got that next step in her. She could maybe challenge but again she her problem is somebody's going to need to do the dirty work. She's not naturally fast enough to go with the six early. And i don't think she's going to be good enough to catcher. I if the six gets the right trip so yeah all signs for latrice for me. It's another boring pick. But i just can't ignore best horse in the race and also course.

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