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That that probably the cave and you know in florida we are going to be feeling the effects of the puerto rico um it is seeing exited that happening it really is yeah on you know you see thousands of people are are you know coming every day i'm particularly in central florida hanan cristal florida and they're going could be an effect on our war this um and you don't wanna parking on our roadway than our healthcare but are organised amid really going up yo the fact uh very in in very short order an on you know the governor who and a department of education has responded to that on tied darted you know can come up with uh the wall or all district via to act that increase fine though that they can make sure that that are all remain open arms or people who common who need an encore again for the governor andy oh we are are responding could act cry on because these are you know these are our american qigang and equal on whom we hakyu optic fat particularly in the office so all of that it is happening that argument hinted there's always got aamodt of never in now and then for hump eupol 100 times who might throw on you know it is it is clouding but not a governor has been a very very good job of speaking directly could a community and going directly and spending a lot of tiny directly in the community mocked the fact that i can be directly to his present then lit up nordic he had been conned and he know himself on his his emissaries on and and the hit and defeat agent eat have really been refining in the arctic he very very quickly and very well though like i said pocket that are going to take an on terry cover on but there are they are increasingly you know more and more vigorous is open hotel the open restaurant eccentric better on and you know that that put that that.

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