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Batting averages against right now the braves have the excuse me the brewers. I would have been right all those years ago. But the brewers have the lowest average against pitchers to seven to be precise and the reds the thirteenth. Lowest said to twenty-eight that's bad the highest would go to the rockies at two sixty six so again the reds really need to strike while the iron is hot. Let's go to team. Because i want to see team stats. I guess that is team stats. Let's go to player stats. these stats are not easy. Yes george foster. He's joe jabbar. Joe is done on this team. can you believe it. i certainly can't. I still can't believe the thing that was said but they go. I want the twenty twenty one season. Please thank you yeah. Let's talk about. George foster lee the red squad although he probably could be ov nodes jesse winker who's got the highest batting average at three seventy five the dudes having an outstanding year he casts janos. There was a tweet. I wild back saying that in the entire. Mlb with winds above replacement. I believe that's one short for pretty much. The reds have the left and right field as the best spots in the entire. Mlb that saved suffolk has castio says batting three ten on the year. It's great to see him. Having a great year. Twenty two rb is tailored decors. Got twenty four rb icees batting to sixty. He's cooled off a little bit dixon. Zales have not bad year or two sixty three. Joey votto hurt but he was batting two twenty six. And you hate your suarez has got his batting average up. It's now one fifty six lot better than the one thirty three. He was so he started to turn the corner. It is strike outs are dropping down a bit. I think it was just timing issue. Really pretty much. He's starting to work through it. So it is interesting to see so tyler stephenson. he's played only twenty two gates what he's swatting a to ninety eight batting average which very impressive tucker barnhart not bad behind him to eighty eight. So the catchers are put it in a nice day at the plate as well. Alex blandino to sixty five mansion. Nick said zell to sixty three day. Quinn to sixty a couple of pitchers they're banning to fifty. Mike busse dacas low lower the batting average but to thirty five. Kyle farmer to twenty nine job. India has really cooled off at two. Oh eight but i say. Don't drop down because he's not going to grow if you just drop them down for having a cool off you know lennon. Figure it out on his own. Let's go to pitching now. Because i like to talk about the reds pitching white vialli after that. No hitter four to two he's got. The most wins. Does white. Miley fall by doolittle and ride hedrix. Both at to it. Although hendrix era is eight.

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