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Were the niners give out. Yes it's cool they I believe who else was in the top is juice was up there and i think mcglinchey was up there. I think those were the top three. I've voted my honorable. Mentioned was for john and nobody else monterey as well just because and they might not let me go next year because of that but just because his one word three word answers safe so much and he you could just tell he's not bear for the bso. I loved him this year. Absolutely i totally agree with you. Like you don't have to say a lot of words to say a lot. And his median sessions literally. I download the files every week. They're about like ninety seconds to three minutes. But i almost always use one of his answers in like stats and eggs or something. Because it was good. Yeah i don't think. I really don't think he had anything longer than two and a half minutes. But you got so much out of that. Because he's just it almost sounds like he hates watching himself. Play leading the way you describe it. It's like man. I just have to be better. It's not enough one that's it. That's all i loved it. Great he is awesome. And speaking of awesome deshaun watson just before i lay out all the crap that's going on in houston can we to explain to people how good he is the year after he loses. Deandre hopkins to the cardinals. He leaves the league in passing yardage. Like this guy is incredibly set career highs in passing yardage passing touchdowns Completion percentage. I think he had a career low and interceptions this season. Also only through seven picks. Can you imagine it. The forty niners quarterbacks only through seven picks this year they being the damn super bowl and he was throwing to nobody like he had no receivers outside of brandin cooks. Who you probably don't want being your top receiver. Who i think it was. Chad hansen like a california receiver. Actually from a few years back. That was one of his main targets. The last few weeks and he's still near the top in every statistical category without an want obviously get into like scheme. Talk here but they don't have any sort of check down option. He's doing everything by himself and he's always running for his life at is the most difficult offense to plan. And he's still in my heart in my opinion. He's the second best quarterback in the nfl. But i don't think anybody would argue that. He's outside the top five so for him to be able to do what he did this year forever. You factor in all his surroundings superstar. Just he should get an mvp boat seriously and if there was one person you would think that the houston texans would want to keep happy in their entire organization. It would be the shawn watson but instead they're doing the complete opposite. So here's what happened if you don't understand. The texans need a head coach and they needed a gm and does shawn watson went to them and said hey. I want to be part of this process. I want you know. I've got ideas for who we should interview for head coach ideas about the general manager. I wanna know what you're thinking. I want to be part of the process and houston texans. Said okay sounds great. And then like two days later. They hired nick caserio from the patriots. Who by the way wasn't even on the list of finalists from the search firm that the houston texans themselves hired to find a gm head coach so they told their franchise quarterback he could be part of this and then completely gave him the middle finger and now he has basically ghosted the texans. I'm pretty sure they didn't interview enemy either. I think that's one of the only teams that didn't interview any so watson. Adam schefter reported this on thursday watson went to the houston ownership. He said patrick mahomes. You know the guy who just want super bowl gave me some really did info about arab enemy. Let's interview him because he could help our franchise and they probably did the same thing. Yeah sure that sounds great. We're going to do it. And as soon as he shuts the door. They're probably laughing at his face. Like i don't know what made him think that he's he's this level. But we're not going to trust him. It's just completely disrespectful. Knowing that everything that's happened in the franchise's last year after they just slapped him in the face by not telling them. They traded for andre hopkins. They're going to do the same thing again. So that night did shawn watson tweeted. Some things never change deleted it and then you just saw what his agent what. It is. Just put up on friday. So his agent is david mugabe and he tweeted nepotism at an all time high. Shout out to those of us who got it out the mutt now. I just want to point out. He tweeted this at the exact moment. That texans owner callum mcnair started speaking at the press conference to introduce nick caserio. So that tells you his level of animosity with the texans. Now i want to be fair and point out that he deleted the tweet and later tweeted haha actually a reference to politics this time. Everything isn't about football guys. But hey whatever gets clicks. I guess which is a low to bulk mail. I'm sure he was watching the news at ten o'clock in the morning. Just focusing on the rioters from the white house. That's what. He was focused on not football. Where the texans where he has the press sheet knowing exactly what time they're going to take the podium come on man if there's no reason to delete it if that was the case so we're gonna call bs on. That and watson is not answering the calls. He's he's totally ghosting them..

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