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On Twitter that she might be returning to the ring soon, but obviously for someone else probably in Japan because she moved back to Japan for a reason. She wanted to live there again. You got any news? I do have one piece of news. That's a remote. According to wrestling DVD network dot com, very reputable site. They say that WWE DVDs and blurays will no longer be released in the U.S. and Canada, beginning in 2022 in the final physical releases are going to be Survivor Series. I mean, I didn't know they were still making them. It makes I'm sure sales are nonexistent. People don't buy blurays and DVDs really anymore anyway. They're wrestling ones. Especially when, I mean, name a match that's not on the Internet, right? I think I'm the only person I know that still buys blurays and that's only when it's like one of my favorite movies. Right. But then you're also collecting them like pops. Yeah, it's a personal collection. That is, I do, I do collect blue rays. And you almost never buy one then unless it has a special steel book version. That is the ones I like. No, trust me. I'm getting ready to move at the end of the month and I cleaned out all my DVDs. I was able to sell some and then I have the rest in the trunk. I'm gonna bring them to goodwill or whatever. You should stop by my house then. I have them with me. So if you want to look, I kept a handful. Any blurays? Are you getting rid of blurays? The Blu-ray's already gone. They were taking some of your sold them all right? Special edition ones? Not really. All right, fine. I kept my Star Wars episode one two goodwill and by the mall for a nickel if you wanted pretty much. Well, I kept spaceballs because I can never find that on streaming. I bought the steel book for Spider-Man: Homecoming. And I was gonna get the steel book for Spider-Man: Far From Home, but it looked like shit. Wow. So I was like, fuck it, I'll skip. I'll probably get the steel book for nowhere. Andrew's Christmas present. Thank you. Next you next Christmas. It's pre ordered. Christmas or birthday, whatever comes first. All right, rumor time. Rumor time. Rumors. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bellar club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia? All right, ringside news reports that Elias was recently spotted backstage with no beard and cropped hair. Yeah, just Bobby Lashley. No, no, no, no. What we'll see, right? We don't know. I like when people change. I always wanted them to shave Lou Harper, Elias, you know what I mean? And so I wanted to see them maybe do something with Elias 'cause he was supposed to be a homeless man, gimmick, and now that that's gone, shave him up. I mean, when you go back to a few years ago when he was so fucking over. Yeah. And it's just like, all right. According to WrestleVotes, they added on that. And said that they didn't really have a plan past the graveyard thing. Yeah. And they were going to use them in a new character and Vince shot it down for looking too much like Randy Savage. He already did. I know. Yeah. And now he's back with square one. He looked like Randy Savage back then and he would do a novel drop. He wouldn't. Off the top rope. Oh, and big deal he looks like a Hall of Famer that everyone loves. Fuck, just make it Spider-Man is about to come out and make him bone saw. He reminds me of the man that fucked my daughter. Triple H, that's a good point. Who didn't fuck my daughter? Pull him to. Test? Well, that was a rumor. Yeah. Arthur story. PWInsider reported that Jerry Lawler has signed a new deal with WWE, which makes sense 'cause he was on raw. He knows in Memphis. But in 20 January 2019, Lawler said he signed a two year contract extension, so it makes sense. Right, right. He did. What do you got? Wrestling Observer said that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are the best paid on the roster. Each making more than 5 million per year. Another unnamed talent is around four, Seth. Probably on there are the guarantee deals and a lot of top talent is now at two and some at 3 million. Well, sure. That's why they got a labor body on small to pay these dollars. Exactly. I would say maybe Becky's at three. Maybe Sasha's at two, Orton, right? He's been there forever. Yeah. Did you come back for less than those amounts? Right, yeah. So I got to be the big name. I think Rollins too 'cause Rollins is like full full time. Morton really doesn't do as many house shows, although they really don't do many houses anyway. And then he's doing tag teams, so. Yeah. Is that it? That's all I got. All right, trivia time. Let's had four facts in a fib, but we're going to go down to three facts and a fib. Because one of them was her last name is daddy. I wasn't sure if you guys caught it in vignette. So, are you ready? Live Morgan. Yeah. Number one, she's from paramus, New Jersey. Number two, she was a Hooters model and actually landed on their playing cards. God, if that's true, I want that. Number, get a refund at Christmas gift. Yeah. So number three, she used to come to the ring in the blue tongue because she was a big fan of smurfette growing up. And number four in 2020, she passed her real estate exam. And what year? 2020. I know the answer. Really? Yeah. 'cause I know why her tongue was blue. That was so I'm gonna go with that the fib is the Bluetooth. Is that true? 'cause she loves she would eat jolly ranchers before the show. Yeah, so from New Jersey, she is Hannah Hooters playing cards. Good lord. And I have it. What? And I have it. Hold it. We need to put that next to Stacy keebler. Morgan, her Hooters card. Oh yeah, but you know obviously a big version. He had it. I had it going through Google it. Liv Morgan Liv Morgan Hooters. That's what I'm gonna. Oh, there she is in a Hooters outfit. Oh God, there it is. Oh, I've seen this before. Have you? Yeah. Let me see. Let's see what I saw. That? No, top. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, dear. Okay, well, yep. And of course, in 2020, she was like 18 there. You fucking Andrew. Are you a man? There's her in the Hooters outfit. Yeah. Yeah, that's nice. Yeah, sure she was 18. And then yeah, she passed her real estate exam and opened a real estate company with. Oh, Dallas. Yeah, that's right. I guess she thought they were both getting future endeavors. Like, let's be real estate agents. Yeah. True. And now she's gonna have main event WrestleMania. In our dreams. Wow, wow, wow. All right, fan questions. Yeah, you better drink all that water. Yeah, I'm thirsty today. I'm thirsty today. I can't imagine after seeing those lip photos. I'm very thirsty. Come to see and live Morgan's Hooters. That dog is a puffy tail. So, are Vincent Austin theory going to fuck? Duh. I love you. Absolutely. Mario Rizzo, not sure how much money Dominic Mysterio is making, but for the love of God, can someone please get him a gym membership. How is a professional wrestler with his age, look that shitty?.

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