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So tell me about the community thing. I think this brings us back. Harry brown silver rule for those. That are too young to know who harry brown was. He was a very successful investor and he was the libertarian presidential candidate. Didn't i think nineteen ninety-six. Then maybe again in two thousand and he had this thing called the silver rule. The silver rule is basically. Just be yourself and your track people around you. That like you for who you are. So if you just let your pirate flags hang out that say hey capitalist. I think there should be volunteer. Not at all and this is just a criminal gang masquerading as as a charity organization. A fuel truck eagles get like those ideas like you from you are so i think that so important you can just be yourself and save really. Think you're gonna track other people have someone or that you want to go more. So that's the break. And when we come back i wanna make sure we delve into this a little bit more community. They have a plan crimes of the crown by captain mark. The crown cast the world in shadow and claims to be our guiding light cowards clamor for security from boogeyman and ghost stories. Well i say these hobgoblins are imaginary. I say those. They propped up as our liberators are now subsisting. On our bondage. I say there is freedom in the black. And that's exactly where we intend to go. The crown banishes its own officers for exposing its crimes and tortures dissidents to the brink of madness it dominates the globe and swallows the wealth of generations leaving only blood and excrement the crown calls it piracy to explore frontiers beyond its grasp. So the time has come for us to define the conduct among pirates. I say the crown has trampled our necks long enough need decentralized solutions to centralized problems looking for a community of like minded scoundrels or just want some swag to let the crown know what you think of it. Join the conversation at pirateswithoutborders dot com. We won't be hard to find on free talk live. We're bringing people to the ideas of liberty. Every day from wrestling superstars. Like glenn jacobs you guys really are having an impact. I believe like. I said a lot of where i am. Now is due to listening to talk. You change my mind on some very important issues years ago to random people tuning in on the radio. Alice stuck in the les. Parrott on your show by chance on saturday night from there i went on join the free state project in become an amplifier. So i mean. That's really the reason why i am is because i know that if it wasn't for you guys being on his issues with you are never would have found the ideas of liberty. Your ample directly change more lives by getting free. Talk live in front of people looking for talk radio online and on the air. When you am free talk live. You get perks. 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You can even connect into some of our channels from other matrix servers. It's federated for the full. Jonathan matrix experience though. You should join our server via the step by step. Instructions at chat dot l. are in fm chat dot l. r. n. dot fm. I'm grateful to have heard from some of our satellite listeners. Recently i appreciate knowing that people are out there who like what we do are willing to support it financially. L. are indoor. Fm's free to air satellite feeds blanket. Most of two continents. It was my goal to put our channel there. So people without internet could receive our programs and feed pirate radio stations. We started a fundraiser on patriot. A few years ago to back the satellite channels. I recently announced that. I was considering canceling the feeds and donations increased from fifteen to twenty percent of our costs which are around one thousand dollars per month. 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