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A good news beautiful sunny day. Don't go out those freezing cold. We got lots to get to obviously, we'll get to the shutdown and all of that stuff and twenty twenty and who's running, but first we have much more important stories. This little worming Jeff Bezos. And what the hell is he up to now? What does he think he's Charlie Sheen? It's like Alan Harper. Trying to be Charlie Harper. We'll get to that coming up this tappan Zee bridge. Explosion. This is a great struggle to also mayor. He did you see the other thing with this mayor de Blasio state of the city speech. He is that required by law every year. He's got to do a state of the city speech. It's required. I mean, everybody does it. Yeah. It's a state of the state of the union for mayor. So what's to say? Hey, put a homeless camp everywhere. Every neighborhood is now a homeless camp. I brought the homeless back to man. But he talked about all these different things but buried in. This is the new ferries he wants to have new ferries visit Staten Island ferry that leaves Staten Island goes to battery park, but he wants to have a more ferries this time, they'll go to lower Manhattan, the have a ferry from Staten Island, go to west thirty ninth street. He's talked about that in the past. Okay. Then don't worry about it. Okay. Forget it. He's not gonna do it. Then this is one of the things he talks. Talks about so. You happen. When you get to the office, one o'clock, two o'clock every day. There's no time to work on ferries. But here's the other thing. And this is bad. You know, you get these bus lanes you ever go up Madison Avenue in the daytime rush hour Madison Avenue is not that wide. But it's an avenue and it's divided in half and half is the bus lanes and half of the car lanes. So you see eighty million gridlock bumper to bumper cars in the car lanes. And then one bus on the other side, you should open it up and just let the buses fend for themselves. They did alright before they have a new one on Broadway. Now, it's horrible horrible. Because it just makes the car traffic take a million times longer. So now, he's talking about additional bustling a lot more bustling. Just completely screw up traffic. He's also talking about a Coney Island ferry that will leave Coney Island and go to Wall Street with a stop at bay ridge in between. I don't know if you've been to Coney Island lately down around there. They've got these new super high rises gonna beautiful luxury apartment buildings. It's what's the other area? They're right on the beach for a clean beach, a big beautiful gleaming high-rise apartment buildings. It's going to become like a very hot area to lose heart place to get to. I mean, if you're going by car. Well, that's the problem. John cats Matiz one of the guys building a couple of those high rises, but he came up with a great thing. They're going to have what do you? Call those little trolley cars taking you right to the subway. Oh, that's nice. Yeah. So if you live in Stanford, you know that new development harbor point. It's beautiful you go in there. You look here in south beach. Beautiful white high rises gleaming modern looking buildings. They have a trolley car that takes you downtown. It's all million millennials live there. That's the thing. Now, you jump on the trolley car takes you downtown takes the train. We'll see what what I hear young people. They wanted to live near public transportation to get to work quickly and also want to be able to come out of their house and fine restaurants and shops and things like that. Yeah. See these young people don't want to go to malls millennials. They don't do anything except. They're on the phone and go to a cafe. And sometimes if you're lucky they'll go to work. Not too busy. They'll come to work. Hey, speaking of which the it's expected that the twenty twenty presidential race among Democrats. You know, if you go back years into the fifties, all of a sudden TV came along and TV commercials changed everything and they'll say John Kennedy beat Nixon Nixon was clearly going to win. Kennedy inexperience nobody Nixon the vice president. But because television by then became the big factor in a race. Kennedy was dazzling on television and Nixon stunk and television, and they say that turn the whole thing around. Kennedy won the battle was fought on television. Nixon had no shot and television. And then if you go back to Obama, they'll say that he Romney Obama or McCain Obama, they'll say the battle was on Facebook. The battle was on Twitter and Obama was so much better at Facebook. And all that that he wiped out McCain McCain didn't have the skills his campaign wasn't they weren't working with Google and all these companies, but the twenty twenty battle they say will now take place on Instagram. Really Facebook is the tool of your grandparents now? Instagram's where it takes place and certain people like this beta Aurora, Instagram ING, everything in this Alexandria, Cossio Ortez on the other night. She was Instagram. Ing live that she was making macaroni and cheese. This beta Aurora was what is he doing the tennis too getting the clean cleaning? Yeah. Was getting a cleaning at the dentist. So he live Instagram'd the you can see him get his cleaning. It is. We're gonna play it for you. But I'm not gonna put it up the video because it's disgusting. So I'm here at the dentist and were going to continue our series on the people of the border. I'm here with Dan my dental hygiene. Okay. As you watch this. He's getting the cleaning. It's disgusting. Looking. This guy wants to be president. But this is what they do millennials. This is what they do. If you watch their videos and Instagram, it's just nothing. It's them jumping up and down in a bed. It's the them playing with their cat. It's just stupid stuff. It's idiot stuff. And let them say speed it up. If you watch Snapchat. It's the most idiotic stuff in the world. So that's what Instagram is it's unfiltered if you're twenty three you put these crazy, unfiltered videos on there. Now, the experts say the problem is when these Elizabeth Warren try to do you gotta be Twenty-three in goofy to put this unfiltered crap up on Instagram. It looks great. But when you're sixty five and you're the grandparents you're not supposed to be doing that. So get me a beer, let me get me a beer, and then she gets her beer. And then what did she say that stupid thing I like Michelob ultra, but that's like the club soda of beers. I don't know. What does that mean? Because it's very light. Oh, it's not really a heavy beer. It's light. Yeah. Yeah. And it doesn't have calories. So why do they call it Michelob ultra because it's lot lighter than light. I think oh, so, but it is that ultra make you feel like you're not a wimp with that little light beer. Yeah. Okay. So what does that mean that she doesn't really drink beer? I can't drink a real beer. I gotta drink a real light one. Yes. Okay. And knowing her they took the beer bottles and fill them with water or something. Shrink them. So, but they say Instagram will be the key. That's why a Cossio Cortez McGinn her name, right Cossio. She's gotta know. That's why she's pulling ahead of all these people because she's the Instagram star. That's where the younger votes are. And if you're a democrat in twenty twenty those younger votes are crucial. Now, you look at this Bego aerobic during the campaign memory had no jacket on. Yes. Just shirt untucked walking around you might say that doesn't look presidential. Hey, but Twenty-three millennial idiot think they've ever heard the word sport coat. They don't know that. Do you think they own a suit? No. So this is a time in no one. Where's the tie? Yeah. But that's true everywhere now except for Donald Trump. Yeah. But he's very old school about everything. But you go into all the top book companies corporations even banks they wear a suit and a white shirt, but they don't wear a tie. No, even here. We're in the nobody we're in the iheart tower here. If you wore a tie you wear a suit and tiny walk around if they'll soom you're the security guard deals. Here you see like Bob Pittman guys like that the top cutting edge executives they never wear ties. No, you watch CNBC when they've all the top CEO's of the world. The only one that ever has a is like the ninety year old guy from the old manufacturing company. Wouldn't if you know what you're doing. You're not wearing a tiny more. If you go to the department stores now the Thai department, oh, man. It's like the suspended department if they can a little corner, they just got a few of them suspended. So let's get to Jeff Bezos. This is what is this? Is this weird funny pathetic? What is this guy's in? Love is he. You don't talk that way. If you're not so base houses married for twenty five years. It looks like a nice woman and she was poor. He didn't have any money when she married him. They built the company together. So they say, but let's be honest. Let's say basis was gone for three months, and we let her run it. You'd think it'd be Amazon sixty forty. All right. We'll give you sixty forty. She, you know. Ninety ten oh, she was part of it. But without basal. Let's say you're Bill the company on our own. Let's see what you comes up with you putting her down because she's a woman. Do that. I've just been around this basis a few times in real life. You looks like a cold blooded killer in a nice way. I mean, business wise, he looks tough and rough any looks brilliant. And she looks like a nice woman. I'm just saying she getting half. Let's have this laid out in a divorce proceeding. Exactly what part of the company. Did. She Bill does it matter. It has been the wife. It just has to do with. If you talk to the employee's. Will they tell you? Oh, she was there twenty hours a day for the first ten years or was it one of those? Yeah. She came in once every couple of our couple of days a week, but she helped inspire him support him. So that he could do it. They always say that remember the famous g e guy in that multibillion zillion trillion dollar divorce with a wife went into court and argued he successful. Without me up. She was just a housewife. She didn't work there. She said, but by supporting him by giving him a good home by being the wife who through the dinner parties being good hostess said that helped him he didn't want to do it. But he could have gone into court and argued, hey without her I live in twice as successful. I could have worked an extra five hours a day. You know, the wife is always come. What do you mean? You're gonna be late. She got a lot of money though. Didn't she? Yeah. But if you just a housewife first of all works all day fighting with union bosses fighting with corporation now, he comes home and get yelled at by her argue with her about taking. But anyway basis. It looks like a very traditional nice marriage. She seems like a very nice wife, and let's be honest Basil's looks like a nerdy. He's he's no, Charlie Sheen. Hey, his girlfriend's real ladder climber here. Yeah. The girlfriend has snag some very wealthy guys in the past the girlfriend works in television in Los Angeles. But she's snagged a coupla top guys. The last one was quite the entertainment industry tycoon. She's married to an NFL player to he's married to an NFL player. So. Yeah. She knows where the money is on Tinder her thing doesn't say just looking for a normal average guy not looking for that. So if you're one of those trying to get the right husband, and you now have snagged the richest guy in the history of the world pretty damn good. Yeah. So she knows what to do how to keep these guys on their toes, and this bazo who probably I would guess in the twenty four years of marriage. Never cheated. It looks like he started a year ago with her many say while he was married. They're trying to say they were already separated. But he's now texting you're now, let me just explain when you get one of these nerdy guys is not a playboy not a big player..

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