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Done. Kloss opened his mouth to reply, but the green fairy filled it with a log of goat cheese. And by the time he finished chewing that the red fairy had a wedge of some stinky, blue ready and by the time he had finished chewing that that she's walls around him. We're starting to shiver and sway stop. It's too much. It's going to fall he wanted to scream, but he found more cheese shoved in his mouth, the great cloud of fairies. We're all fetching cheese now, and they're stack seem to loom over his world. They wouldn't stop. They wouldn't let him stop his stomach felt like it may pop the walls of cheese started to topple. They blotted out the moonlight blocked. The ferry light rain down on class and swallowed him in darkness. He tried to move. But he was stuck tried to breathe and found his mouth full of cheese. It was too much. He was buried under cheese. And it just kept falling. He felt it getting heavier and heavier his mouth was full. His belly was full. It was all too much. And he was going to pop the last thing Kloss heard before passing out was the fairies laughing the sound of tinkling silver bells on the wind. The next morning as the sun was just starting to light up the world the boy woke up in his own front yard empty save for sparkling morning. Do what what happened? He said or tried to say he found his mouth was full of half chewed grass. Blah, Kloss spit it onto the ground and then pulled off a few blades that had stuck to his tongue. He looked all over but saw no sign of the ferries or the cheese. Had it been a dream Kloss thought for a moment that it might have been. But then he noticed his belly still felt heavy. And there were smears of yellow around his shirt, not a dream then. But something that's for sure. Clause shook his head one thing was definitely true. He had finally at long long last had his fill of cheese. He hurried back inside and washed up before his parents called him out and manage to get presentable in time for breakfast where he shocked his parents by just having some toast over time Kloss realized the fairies had done him favor. He found himself swollen and sick less often. And now he only eight as much as a normal growing boy, which as any parent will say is still quite a lot. But it wasn't as desperate or greedy as it had been before Kloss eight what was given to him and never ever stole extra cheese ever ever again. Well, maybe just a nibble the end. Today's story the boy who loved cheese too, much was a Dutch folk tale adopted for you by Daniel Hynes and perform for you buy me, Amanda Weldon with an original song bias both. If you would like to support stories podcast, you can leave a five star review on I tunes mega monthly donation. Patriot dot com slash stories or just tell your friends about us. Thanks for listening.

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