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Weekly but i do think i as far as the journey goes. I mean being around other entrepreneurs and is really helpful. When i like. I wanna learn from people who have done things right. Accounting's well you know things. I don't know yet. Even just connecting with people in columbus. Obviously huge visibilities huge. But when i. I like that week before. I was really thinking about quitting my corporate job. I listen to a few podcasts. Everything like a couple of lake women business podcasts. What else in. Ecommerce scoop is podcasts. There aren't quite as many as one of them she said. Never forget to your own cup and of course we hear that but she took it in a very specific focused entrepreneurship way. I really appreciate it. Because sometimes all i need to do is just taken our in recent blogs about entrepreneurs in success or i know i'm struggling with something and just like look it up like let's tie by advertising or gosh about her website or even just about getting more clients they need to get out of my own head which is really hard on the team right on or even just listening to a podcast that all of a sudden that fire ignites again and i don't feel like overwhelmed by other things. I okay this is that they want to do right now. I'm with you. Yeah i do. I do the same thing now. I'm in corporate. But i'm still do what you said you know when i need to take that entrepreneurship. Where i'm taking onto Entrepreneurship journey. I'm always like okay. I'm in the office in and you know and so then you know i have to to bring myself back. I'm like you. I listen to podcast i listen. Even i'm doing my own park. I listened to other women empowerment. Podcast because i want to you know hear other empowerment so i can come empower others around us. So i'm with you but unlike you man it can be very lonely and noko that note that when we were not the only ones that are facing loneliness just it is the nature of the beast. But you also know that as entrepreneurs though. it's funny though. When i do get started entrepreneurial i hardly knew biding now. That's my whole world is consumed with entrepreneurs in. It's still i so agree with you in always circle yourself with those people that can move to help you move..

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