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Okay Travis you asked for it You sent me the story I love when I say on the show Hey Travis have you seen that Like of course he's seen it 'cause he sent it to me Right That's the guys that everybody just do those There's no preparation We're just talking Okay You did see this because you sent it to me So you're asking for it It's like you're wearing something tight and you want it I mean but you know what That's over up there We've already gotten into furries So this story is I just want to say this is a legitimate use of the song And I will still take my headphones out when you play it And now a story about the book Uh oh That's a dolphin That's a dolphin Okay I'll work on it I thought that was a blowsy A pet Doc led police to crack the case of a missing North Carolina grandmother who vanished over two years ago and led to murder charges against the victim's granddaughter and grandson in law breakthrough came in the case April 14th a pet duck dash under a trailer How many times does that happen Chandler and Chandler North Carolina which led his owners to discover a container holding Sullivan's body Policeman said if I could give that duck a metal I would He is literally you know who he is Literally Travis Indictment I've got you missed the one detail that story that I really love Kept your headphones in huh I do I was looking for the detail The address were the trailer was No 11 Beatty eyed lane BDI Blaine They speak feedly In beady eyes Do not say anything snooty Liberal coastal elitist about a doctor finding a grandma's body in a container under trailer and where is it I'm sorry it was buncombe county And buncombe county on BDI lane Yes North Carolina is a coastal state Okay Listen you speak when a pet duck has not found your grandma in a container under your trailer And Okay we're being snotty postal elites but that's okay Maybe I'd lane Jim and Cleveland Hi Jim Yeah hi Hi Stephanie You made me a little sad this morning when the show started because you were playing the scene from attack of the killer tomatoes Yes Yes And my brother started that movie Really Yeah Wow Yeah he's an actor If you saw his.

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