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Of hope hicks testifying before congress is likely to blow a twitter gasket over the house oversight committee authorising to subpoena for white house adviser kellyanne conway to testify about violations of federal law known as the hatch act now we've told you before federal watchdog office recommended the conway be dismissed violating the law which guards against overt political activities by government employees how you avoid that in this day and age of social media is beyond me you know resistance is futile i guess president trump has said that he has no intention of doing that in the white house has directed her kellyanne conway not to testify now other way she's going to have to show up as maryland democrat elijah cummings threaten to hold conway and contempt if she doesn't under the subpoena cummings chairs the oversight panel office of special counsel accusing conway of publicly criticising democratic presidential candidates in the viewing her position to promote trump's reelection campaign which is a no no by the way under that hatch act a lot of people might think the hatchbacks antiquated now to office is not affiliated with now former special counsel robert muller by the way so that's the latest the panel authorizes a subpoena for kellyanne conway she's going to have to hold her tongue must be difficult for her to hold her tongue right setting the stage for third summit perhaps fox's sean lynch hill the latest on efforts to engage north korea north korea's for ministry pushing back on claims by south korean president moon jae in that the u._s. north korea are working behind the scenes to set up a third summit between president trump and kim jong noon but pyongyang saying south korea needs to stop acting as a mediator between the u._s. in north korea before leaving for the twenty seven president trump said he will not meet with north korean leader during his trip to asia but hinted speaking at a different form meanwhile north korea's giving washington until december to revive diplomatic efforts shamlan fox news so round ones in the books the democratic candidates for president well at least fifty percent of them yesterday they participated in that debate on n._b._c. free different moderators man it was confusing it really wasn't that's only half the lewd second half is coming up tonight former vice president joe biden senator bernie sanders mir pete buddha jr three of ten who will be participating there twenty five candidates all told by the way and twenty participate in these debates one in the can from last night and one coming up tonight on n._b._c. meantime iran says it's going to breach the limit of its enriched uranium stockpile today that's going to draw some interest you're simon owen fox news the details morning salmon happened it would blow pot one of the central aspects of the iran nuclear deal from twenty fifty and it would be by my counterfeit major breach of this deal which president trump pulled the u._s. out sold last year so today is the day to day run mocks on the calendar is a date by which it would have breached the terms specifically how much uranium it is allowed to stockpile an amid old recent tensions with the united states the u._s. accusing iran attacking oil tankers iran shooting down on american drone it all comes back to the nuclear deal which president trump pulled out lacked meg which was a cold that would curb iran's nuclear activities in exchange for relief from sanctions but president trump always hated it now since that with joel the deal has remained in place if hanging by threat the other signatories particularly european countries have been fighting to keep it alive but recently run as being turning the screws and saying that it's going to start getting close to get debris limit and then last week it said today would be today by wake it would have blown through the stockpile limit the u._s. nuclear blackmail now whether they should actually happened yet whether that limit has actually been breached we know the news agency reuters has sosa saying not yet but if not today than it sounds like with probably only a few days two three days from this limit being breached it does sound like it's coming and then that could be thing really starts to unravel the iran deal in case simon owen from fox news thanks for the update it's twenty minutes after six let's hit the highways once again get into that traffic.

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