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The onion news network now that you've found Liberty Radio Network at L. Dot F._M.. You may want to help expose others to our great programs to assist you in doing so you'll find resources at promote dot L. Dot F._M.. mm-hmm including details on how to get a free bumper sticker quarter page flyers you can print out and distribute manners for your website as well as files that will allow you to make your own custom banners and graphics visit promote Mode Dot Dot F._m.. And helping new listeners to the Liberty Radio Network that's promote dot l. r. n. Dot F._M.. Are you tired of governments murdering ordering people around the world stop using their money. There is an alternative bitcoin is a stateless free market non-political Currency Bitcoin cannot be inflated or controlled by any government by using their money. You're helping the state stopped doing it. You have an incredible alternative available now. Learn it use it spread it get started with Bitcoin at BITCOIN DOT COM. That's BITCOIN DOT COM. You can put the Liberty Radio Network on the air in your area visit broadcast not l. Dot F._m.. To learn how broadcast dot L. R. N. Dot F._M.. The latest edition of we are Libertarians. Koreans is next on the Liberty Radio Network at L. Dot F._M.. GET MORE AT WE ARE LIBERTARIANS DOT com so boring subjects understand the risk to our country together. You're listening to the we are rotarians network learn more and we we are Libertarians Dot Com. Hey Welcome to where you're libertarians..

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