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Dot com This week, Chicago's best is hitting the streets in the city and the suburbs joined the team as they roll out Chicago's best food trucks. Sunday night at 10 30 on W. G. N t V 8 22 Talking with Dean Richards. This is sad news about the roots musician, isn't it? Yeah, he's one of the pioneers. Of hip hop music. Really Malik B is how fans know him. He is Malik Abdul Baset, who has been one of the co founders of The roots that you see the part doing the music on Jimmy Fallon cause of death. Not released. Hey, was only 47 years old Quest, love and black thought. Released a statement saying May he be remembered for his devotion to Islam, his loving brotherhood and his innovation. That's one of the most gifted emcees of all time, so it's a It's a big loss in hip hop music for sure. There's another story in the news today about musicians protest ng the use of their music and political campaigns. We hear about this all the time. And does it ever really work? I mean the cease and desist these these protests go on, but it seems like the political campaigns continue to use this music doesn't Yeah, it seems like they are just continuously ignored the cease and desist orders. And you know the artists that have been affected by this Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, You know they they are, you know, kind of putting out a warning before they actually file Legal action against the politicians who have been doing this, most notably, it's been the Trump campaign that's been using artist music without permission. That's against the law. You're not. You're not supposed to do that. And you know it. They've been warned with the cease and desist orders. So yesterday, uh, a letter was sent by 50 musicians sent out to both the Democratic and Republican parties. To stop using music for political purposes without permission. The letter was signed by Elton John. All of the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Lionel Richie, the group Lincoln Park, Green Day. Elvis Costello, John Mellencamp, Lord Cyndi Lauper. Is a long long list of artists who are all participating in this And you know, the letter is basically saying that it's inappropriate to use this music because it implies that the artist supports a particular candidate or platform over another. And that's why permission should be, you know, given and when your you know when you're using somebody else's music for anything, whether it's radio or TV or music used in a public place or music you hear in a store when you walk in a restaurant. You're supposed to pay for all that It's the property of the musicians and the writers, So we'll see if this puts any teeth into it, and it stops happening. Or if politicians are just going to continue to ignore. This will see and now on to Dean Richards, lifestyles of the rich and famous and we have a house for sale to report. You know, anytime I can help, you know poor celebrities try to sell their modest properties. I always give it a shot Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Ah have listed this cozy, little charming five bedroom 4.5 bath. Whom that they have. Oh, yeah, it's oceanfront property in Malibu, by the way. J. Lo once described this house as a fixer upper when they first bought it a year ago. Andi. It's been completely rehab, now 4400 square feet three levels. It has a 50 foot private oceanfront beachfront real estate. Section to it the asking price on this very modest $7.9 million. They bought it from Evanston's own Jeremy Piven. For $6.6 million just a year ago. So you know if they come close to their asking price that's gonna make a $1,000,000 plus in Ah, year. Poor J. Lo Pour a rod. You know, Once they get rid of this, they're gonna have to figure out where to live. Well, they've only probably got about eight other home, another home in Miami, another home in the Hamptons, another home in Bel Air, and another in Encino, California For some reason, you keep that he keep that straight. I mean, I look at the pile of bills. I have it in the house and trying to keep up with things. And how do you do that? When you have all those houses? I guess you have staff to do that, right? I I guess so. But I don't imagine either of those two are doing any dusting or clean or Bill paying themselves, Probably right about that. Ah, Tracy Morgan got AH report on his love life here. What's going on? I'm sad to hear the story After five years of marriage, Tracy Morgan Has announced that his wife, Meghan, and he will be filing for divorce. This is I mean, it's a significant story. Something obviously happened in their relationship, but She was the one who was there for Tracy after he got into that terrible car truck accident. Back in 2000 and 12. In fact, Meghan Wa lover is her name, said at the time after almost losing Tracy last year. I'm grateful. To finally be married to the love of my life. We've been through so much, and our love is stronger for it. And then, shortly after that, Tracy was going on all the talk shows talking about how much Ah, what a great support. His wife was. What great help she was to him and his recovery. He's saying I live every day trying to do right by her so some, we don't know what you know what's happened in their relationship. Frankly, it's their business, not ours, but Marriage is breaking up. They do have a seven year old daughter. Unfortunately. Unfortunately, that the marriage is breaking up, right? And on a happy note here. It's Ah, Happy birthday to the great buddy guy Young 84. And was it yesterday that it was Norman Lear is 90th birthday 88 years old on DH. Ah, you know, just well, he's the greatest guy. He was here in Chicago. About a year or so ago, I had the honor of hosting a Q and a with him at the music box Theatre, he sharpies with it. He's hilarious. He's still prolific after all of the groundbreaking shows that he created over the years Still working on great projects. But here's what I love a 98 year old guy who's on Instagram. He posted Oops. There, we just lose. Dean's got thoughts about turning 98 years old. Here's.

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