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Certainty in the home buying process. With alone that fits your life Rocket can Thanks to Jordan Palmer. Cell phone number is 18006368686 3rd and final hour lots to get to plenty of opportunities to get through. But I want to start this hour by having a conversation with the head football coach at Vanderbilt. He was named common, always head coach. In December, He served as Notre Dame's defensive coordinator from 2018 to 2020, a Broyles Award nominee. He played college baseball and football. Both Vandy coming off and Owen nine season we are joined by Clark Lee Clark is so good of you on the show. How are you? Well, listen, it's It's always been a dream of mine to be on the jungle. So I'm like, I couldn't be more excited about this. And this. I appreciate you saying that I don't know about a dream, but it's great to have you on and I personally been looking for this is well because well, for a number of reasons, Number one. This is a big Tim Corbin house, and I know you go way back with him before we get to that, though you were named head coach back in December. But you also stayed on the Notre Dame during the college football playoff. Some curious one of the last two months been like for you. Well, as you can imagine. I mean, it's been just nonstop world wind. I think you know it was important for me, Uh, Just just to complete my journey and Notre Dame. I would that everyone They're owed that to myself, too. You know, that was four. Like just really special years for me, and I'm I'm so grateful for that time. Ondo. So just balancing, you know, the really what was going toe come come here with opportunity here once I've finished and knowing that there needs to be a little ground work made there. Just so that we could have a foundation for for when the time came for me to make a transition. Um, you know, kind of doing that in the corners of the day, but spending the bulk of my time focused on, um You know, preparing for Clemson in the A C title game, and then you know, obviously preparing for Alabama in the playoffs. Two offenses that Needed a lot of attention. You know, for me it was it was disappointed, not finished the way that we wanted to finish. But like, you know, in hindsight, just the four years of better dame just such an incredible time for me and so, so great before Vanderbilt head football coach Clark Lee is joining us. You know, you mentioned journey That's the best word because we go back. Your journey to this point is pretty remarkable friend sent you from Nashville. He went to Montgomery Bell Academy. Then you went to Birmingham Southern College. You play baseball, and we're part of a team that won the world Syriza's. Then you transfer to Belmont. So at that point, how would you describe your life and your focus? Good. Well, you've you've you've done you've done your research. That is that is the journey exactly as it happened. And for me, you know my time at Montgomery Bell Academy was formed of that was the time where You know, I was kind of thrown into an environment where you know nothing was given everything had to be earned and You know, I waited a couple seasons took to play there. Um Just had coaches that built into my life. I mean that that, you know, I don't know that I maximize that opportunity for what I could have physically on the academic side, but I learned a lot there that they're really gay gave me the foundation toe have success in college and then To be honest with you, Jim. You know when I went toe to college to play baseball You know, I had in my mind that my mark in the world will soon be left is the professional baseball player and, um, you know, that was obviously everyone bets on themselves early on, and I was there was some You know, I was naive at that point, but I That was my goal. That was my intention. And when I got the Birmingham Southern, we had great team success. It was incredible. Season. I just I wasn't You know, I wasn't finding personal success on the field, and I felt like I needed to redirect. And that that delivered me to Belmont. You know, it kind of came back home, and I was paired up with Dave Jarvis, Who's that coach there still, and he was just a guy that recruited me out of high school that I felt like That would be a great place that, you know. Get back after this, Um, pursuing this Major league baseball career, And so that's kind of want to hit my second wall. We're talking a car police. So you get that second wall I'm gonna get the expectation was I'm gonna be a pro baseball player. But then you get an opportunity to join the Vanderbilt football team is a walk on fullback. How did that come to be? Well again. It was not glamorous. I, um So as I realized how 11 thing to point out, Jim is that I hit 400 is a sophomore at Belmont. But that was two for five for the season. So, uh, no one can take that away from me. 404 100. Hasn't exactly right. But no. You know, I just I miss football. I wanted to get the honestly. You know, I was kind of came to grips with the fact that like you know this, you know baseball was going to be my ticket. I wanted to be a successful I could be. And like, and I wanted to get the best possible university I could get into and then play football. You know, like I just I knew that You know, Athletics has always been an edgy part of my education, and I feel like For me. That was that was going to make my collegiate experience hole. And it just so happened that as I was kind of looking for these opportunities, Bobby Johnson got the position years head coach and really the program was. It was in a point time where they were looking for..

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