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Freelance we need to get these people working so to see if we can give some relief to this massive segment of our economy so there is a limited limited legislation session right now because of covert nineteen and we're like hopes to push this through as soon as possible Amanda getting rid of this could help people get more gig economy jobs like driving uber or left but who else could help well it can also get help in the medical field for those who operate as independent contractors to work where they're needed well we're talking nurses were talking even anesthesiologists so if you're a professional in the medical industry you might be providing your services to a number of hospitals and emergency clinics and other medical clinics well I said you don't need to put a boot on the neck good heart working people right now okay so they're gonna start holding hearings on this and we were just saying you know between ourselves and how likely is this even to happen I mean let's let's face it that the legislatures run by Democrats the the governor is a Democrat they've been pushing through this A. B. five I mean they're going to be a change realistically is more like hopeful good point yes he is hopeful I think he feels like it's a different landscape right now politically that we want to do everything we can to help out those unemployment numbers so I think that's the hope that that this could be suspended because of that well I will see if his colleagues go along with it well it's version of that to say that it's a loose piece of legislation or lose laws probably understating it M. and so on and it's been messy from the get go thank you right and it's still I mean indeed rolled out immediately and then put a lot of people out of work right away yeah we'll see all right and with that we had off to Mister Brian Knowles is.

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