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Won't that's actually great speaker to done occur. Yup oh man. I don't mind. That sounds like some warlord coming through the jungle. I'm into it all right. Speaking of things. I may or may not be into but i know ian is cloud. Nine had an interesting weekend this week because they kicked it off with the result that everyone predicted right. Everyone on this cast just new cloud. I coming up by brand new eighty kerry there are of course gonna drop it the worst team in the league right. That's you guys. i'll put right. Oh it's just me. Cloud nine loss to golden guardians to start off the split And things don't exactly get better from there They do lose than to one hundred thieves before turning it around and beating team liquid. Ian talked me about cloud nine. Yeah so. I think coming off of this weekend. There's two major things that i noticed. The first is that perks in particular has major issues This weekend specifically with his positioning after leaning phase. It costs you nine in every single game especially the hundred thieves game it so obvious and that one was very uncharacteristic of perks as well as c. Nine as a whole to just seem very uncoordinated after leaning phase during a lot of their lot of their time however. I think that there is a lot of good stuff still here. We're seeing a lot of the classic scene. I like really good setup for team might team fights at points They were in control of the golden guardians game for most of the game. I guess you made a little face there. It was pretty hectic at the start but they did take control of the game definitively however the team fights were they were. They were winning the by the skin of their teeth. I'll say that and then the team liquid game was actually pretty good overall. Mainly because team liquid gives up gwen in that champions really stupid right now and nine also had silence versus a lulu so would steal lulu and the gwynn and it was just impossible like why would you give up gwynn. I just don't understand the yes. So -til dr weakened foresee nine not what we will not what you want as nine fan but when you look at it as a whole it doesn't feel horrible especially considering king is sudden and especially sean. What you were saying are coming off that msi. So i expect full well within a week or two. They're going to be back to full form as a practice right very very little preparation time. Yeah kind of wild. And they did pull out outside of what they added the. Va go to their comp for game one outside of that one pick everything else was like. Hey this was one or two at msi which is no longer really the case. Yeah So not also wouldn't be sitting if c nine spent a ton of time preparing for the team liquid game because they only had a few days to prepare. So it's like all right. Let's just prepare for the game because that's the one that matters the most to us and then they just spent zero time on golden guardians and it ended up biting them in the ass. I could totally see that as well. Yeah fair enough okay. Well let's talk third place teams. Then we've got one hundred thieves digging tossing team liquid. Let's one hundred thieves odin. I believe that's you my man. Oh it's jack's time gulf war. That's sorry i always forget. I took hundred thieves this year. He smashed out from under this. I all right so hundred. Thieves started out a real rough. Like i don't know why. For whatever reason avocado gay was on karma duty this weekend all three games by the way the foot but in game one it made no fucking sense like any version of karma made no fucking sense because they had an editorial comm- was the other damage dealer with the hell does karma bring to the table and that's exactly what we saw immortals got crushed by having such a shitty draft. They literally could not play the game. Four hundred got crushed by immortals having such a shitty draft that could not play the game then clouds roll karma comp right but they didn't put the rest of the pieces together to make it work and game one and the thing is like if they were playing. Ezra karma bought. That's a really dominant strong bottling for leaning phase and then the karma just buffs up someone else leader so it's fine but this was karma mid any still going to support building karma mid. It was fucking useless but then they played against cloud nine. They're still put dog and carmody for some reason the drafted accomp- benefits from a karma they had a who likes the run speed. So you can get in. Without having to burn his dash. They had a virus who does shitloads of damage way. Better for karma and cloud nine kind of into draft really hard and then kind of into play really hard game three again hundred. These puts an karma but again actually drafts a fucking karma. Comp they put. Fbi on ma got zinn. Jargon makes way more sense karma fits this draft and they steamrolled dignifies weird fucking draft that will cover when we talk dignitaries because this needs to be addressed in their own section. I'm focusing so much on the dog. Being on karma duty because the rest of hundred these was more or less what you'd expect. Fbi and who he worked great closer was hit or miss someday was good but not as good as he should be given that he someday and that's about where we expect the rest of hundred. These abbot was the wild card and we didn't learn much when they put him okarma all three games closer. I thought was. This was the thing. I was looking at one hundred thieves. Can they make closer work. Can we get golden guardians closer back onto this roster by adding an autodial gay former teammate. From years ago someone he could probably trust just generally even if he didn't know him because he's just a better player than any of the midlanders that have worked with before. Closer was so much more proactive. Especially i think it's in that second game vs cloud nine where he's actually all over the map constantly making things happen i eight minutes and it just looked so much more like the closer old and i was thrilled to see that it wasn't consistent across all three games and he did struggle particularly in a game against immortals but he was trying to do things again and it felt like he had a little bit more confidence back. And i'm hopeful that that continues because this should be roster that contends for number one if not at least just clear top three and they're in there right now to martinez is for sure they better. I mean they've put so much money into this roster like it's world or bust for them right that will say the same thing about a couple of teams including this next one which is team liquid who invested a shit ton of money into a player who they benched after a single game. Al fiery was benched and during this actual broadcast. We're talking about right now. We're recording and during this al-farr tweeted was gonna get chick-fil-a for dinner then saw an ad for aaa and decided fuck it. Why not. let's get some mexican wasn't spur of the moment by the way calculated this a month in advance. Which was a pretty clear sarcastic. Comment that mirrors almost exactly what jet said in his interview this morning or yesterday or some high anchin in the deal house right now holmen. It has been one weekend either. He is like crazy and everyone team liquids in on it or this is like big fucking yikes lot ago. Yeah big money. Then you bench him any pull in an academy player. Who had no idea who's playing until.

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