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Jimin kim some years ago i guess it was early nineteen eighties i was looking enough to read a phd monograph about hemp in the economy and basically the the writer of the monograph described that one third of the american economy was based upon him that even while we were a colony of britain britain demanded that each colony produce a certain amount of him because it was so important in this this actually goes to that earlier caller of how many different things were made of it there was high quality cloth there was burlap there was you know like rough cloth that you would use for you know like burlap bags as well as somewhat fine cloth there was there were oils there it was when you think about cattle and horses the silage of the average food that they ate it was very high in protein and that alone produced about one third of the that was about one third of the one third because silage good quality protein and it's it's good to hear the texas is reconsidering it because when when you look at some of the key parts of the country that are half desert now eastern kansas the the plains of kansas you or ski well western kansas and eastern colorado are almost all desert now because they've just been beaten down by the sun and the cattle eight all of the native grasses off in hamp would actually be very useful out there to to get some shade in there and get some of the natives reestablished when you start looking at the idea that you know rain in america is just running right into the creeks and arroyo's and running right down to the sea and it doesn't have a chance to get back into the soil in the aquifers help is very needed to it's a fast growing plant it'll it'll withstand a lot of erosion and the the very idea that we could actually do a lot to relieve global warming simply by getting fast growing green plant in there so that the the natives could get reestablished and one other thing quickly the state of.

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