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This very, very intriguing. Talk with the co owner of the Chicago Dogs. Baseball team will talk about grilling and spices with it being the Fourth of July weekend at Awesome, Really good information. I'm hoping we're going to get I've got a very, very cool story to share with you. It's a really a great American success story. And I think when you hear this story you're gonna call. Oh, wow. That is so cool. We're going to hear from the founder of a very cool brewery as well. They've got a great theme, and we're going to talk about holiday movies so kind of something for everyone. Really appreciate you being here. Some things that happened on this date in history in 1969. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was found dead at the age of 27. He was discovered motionless. At the bottom of his swimming pool at Catch Furred Farm in England. It was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital at the age of 27 a drowning, according to the coroner's report. They later changed that. To death by misadventure, noting his liver and heart were enlarged by drug and alcohol abuse. It was on this date in 1971 as well that Jim Morrison was found dead in the bathtub of his Paris apartment, apparently of heart failure, becoming another member of the notorious 27. Club. Those who died at the age of 27. French officials found no official evidence of foul play, and no autopsy was performed. In 2000 and seven. The story gets more interesting because Paris Club owner Sam Burnett published a book claiming that Morrison died of a heroin overdose at his nightclub and was carried back to his apartment placed in the bathtub to cover up the real reason for his death. So we wanted to get those things out of the way there. Not negative, but kind of big names that died on this day. Members of the 27 club, I'm gonna lighten things up. It is also American redneck Day. This is true. I'm not making this up. The term basically applied to those living in the South. Characterized as an educated truck driving uber patriotic gun owning backward. Some were labeled as other things as well that we are not going to get into, but it is actually a physical. The pilot, it's a definite thing. American redneck date. You have to mention Jack Jeff Foxworthy. When we talk about that, who made a good living off of the phrase? You might be a redneck if Can't forget about him. All right, so we're going to talk to a couple podcasters next as we get things going here at 7 20 w g. N.

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