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Valuable player in the game. But he's got a long way to go. A long way to go to get to Tom Brady. Now, he may have Joe Montana in his sights right now, and I could certainly understand that. But let's just, there's a lot that can happen. Because we look at it foregone conclusion that he got Andy Reid. He's got these weapons. He's, of course, he's going to be there. I mean, they're going to go back. They're going to go back and back and back. Okay. AFC is tougher than the NFC. The eagles actually, I think, have a better chance to go back than the chiefs do. Just because look at the NFC, who do you really worry about, the NFC? Cowboys? Rams? Bucket ears, packers? Vikings? Lions? Who is really threatening? And then you look at the AFC and you're like, oh my God. You Bengals aren't going anywhere. I mean, they're going to be good. Buffalo is going to be good. If the Raiders get baron Rogers, I mean, chargers going to get good. Jacksonville is good. There's a lot of the best quarterbacks in the AFC right now. And even though Kansas City should be the favorites in DraftKings has them as the favorites to win it all next year. Look at the AFC. The NFC, the niners? I guess? If they figure out their quarterbacking situation, but then is Brock purdy a fluke, can Trey Lance play. Can you have both? So there's a lot of questions that go along with the AFC in trying to come back. But the NFC, you got a couple of teams. But that's it. Yeah, Mark. Does Joe Montana get credit for playing in a really tough NFC because you kind of look, they played good giants team bears, the then called Redskins, cowboys, that whole era just seemed like they were just a bunch of dogs over there. Yeah, I mean, that was pretty tough. If you won the NFC, it felt like you won the Super Bowl. Back then. And then he of course went on to win four, didn't lose. And I think we rarely talk about Joe Montana's stats. All we do is say, wait, one four super bowls, and never threw an interception. That's it. So four games stand alone for Joe Montana. Joe Montana was a feeling. If you watched him play there was a feeling about him that he was going to win the game. That's it. Joe Montana Joe cool he was going to win the game. And how many quarterbacks have we said that about over the years? Over the course of a larger sample size. Like obviously Brady, mahomes is in that category now. Where you go, that guy's going to win. There's a feeling about him, where if he gets the ball, game on the line, he's going to win the game. And Joe Montana was one of the first quarterbacks that I remember having that feeling. It was like this dread, your team was facing his. And you're like, oh my gosh. And when the Bengals played them and Joe let him down and threw the touchdown to John Taylor. I mean, it was inevitable. You just went, house is going to happen. It's going to really hurt. How's he going to do this to us? And he did it, you know, systematically. Like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Touchdown John Taylor ball game. Patrick Mahomes is like that now. Tom Brady was like that now. Very, very few quarterbacks. Yeah, Paul. Remember the eagles patriots are both years ago, eagles take the lead. They're up 38, 33 on the Patriots. Brady gets a ball back with two 20 to go in a timeout. And I can remember we were in the stands, the four day nets, mclovin was there and he's an eagles fan. He goes, well, this is over. Brady's got two and a half minutes and a timeout, and he only email only needs 5 points. And if Brenda Graham doesn't get that strip stack, you're like, well, Brady's gonna do this. Yeah. Afterthought. Yeah, and so I'm handing out the trophy that night, and I'm back behind Brady at the goalpost because they're going to bring out a stage there in that end zone. And I'm watching that from behind because I'm thinking Brady is going to win this thing. And then I'm going to have to change who I'm interviewing up on stage. In my mind, I'm thinking this. You know, two and a half minutes to go and I'm thinking, that's an eternity. And Brandon Graham gets the strip sack and then that was it. Then it was fly eagles fly. All right, 8 7 7 three DP show email Andrew SDP a Dan Patrick dot com. Twitter handle at DP show. 113 million viewers watch the Super Bowl and I always want to know what was the second most watched show on Sunday Night. Was it like a repeat of Family Guy? Nice airport, Alaska, or whatever. Something. Ice truckers or main cabin master, like something. I'd like to find out the second most watched show on Sunday Night. Also, the ratings went up when Rihanna went up on stage for halftime. I think it was one O 8, and then she might have been responsible for 5 million people watching the halftime show, because you already had the football people. They're already watching. And then all of a sudden, halftime show, that's when you get the non football fans, or the casual football fan who's going to go, I want to tune in to watch that. But Rihanna was responsible for, I guess, a $5 million bump there. See what I did on the baby bump. Nicely. Yeah. Baby, baby bump. All right, poll question today, seat, no Connor, what do you have for me? Who would you pay who would you pay $250 million to first? We could sort of populate this a little bit. Jalen hurts. Does it have to be two $150 million? Yes, it does. 250 million guaranteed. Okay. So this is past deshaun Watson's two 30 guaranteed. Well, I mean, if deshaun Watson got $230 million and has essentially done nothing in the league, plus has just gobs of bags. Yes, you do. Gobs of bag is great band. Ladies and gentlemen, gobs of baggage. I would, if I was to say Jalen hurts, agent, I'd say, okay, so let's start at two 30 and go up from there. Because he's already been he's actually accomplished things in the league. He doesn't have all of that baggage. See, if I was the eagles, I would say to his agent, two 30, going to the dentist today. Yeah. Just to be able to have a little levity there. We want that's why I went with two 50. Two 30. Oh, does all right? You better go to a dentist. It is easy to kick around a quarter of a $1 billion when you're making like a little corny jokes. I think they kind of like it. Well, he's making a million. Jalen hurts made a $1 million this year. Yeah, a million. That total seller was a million. Bryce young in Alabama through NIL made more than Jalen hurts did this year. There's a few football players in God. Caleb Williams made more money than Jalen hurts did. But if you said two 50, okay, so are we looking at Lamar Jackson? Yes. What's the delivery? Because I'm having fun. Okay. Jalen hurts. Lamar Jackson. Who else? You're gonna go Daniel Jones in there? I don't know that he belongs in that, but he belongs to this poll because that's what the Giants are dealing with. Okay. All right, 'cause they didn't pick up his 5th year option. What are you off the pot with him? So we take Joe burrow off the board. Yeah, right? I feel like he takes Kyler Murray off the board too 'cause he's already under country. Yeah. What about tua? Don't just go those four. Jalen Lamar Daniel tua.

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