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And gentleman happy that you are listening get sucked up with two thousand seventeen it's thursday and we had a talk about everything about you and your buck owes an allpoints in we will do markets will to trump plan will be to tax land the economy and unemployment attacks isn't deficit spending scam champs corruption you name but we cover it hope you have having a good day we are doing the show in the final hour of the market pre taping get as you know i'm on a trip i am in siem andrew scotland as we speak uh today i played the trump international course in scotland and let me be clear and concise about it definitely in my top three courses definitely and i played a lot uh awesome gorgeous hard windy rainy sunny cold winter in your face winds that a society of face you name it uh i hit the ball very well but that uk you really can't score there uh and a with a big part of the day was like part the last three holes coming in the last hole six hundred twenty seven yards uh i did pretty well but give the example as we wished wiping teeshots down the fairway and they were ending up in the course because wind the wind was just taken it ridiculously all over the place uh and we did i we don't want to play shorter clubs and stuff like that we we we couldn't care less any we had a great time uh tomorrow is the day off saturday will be playing one of the saint andrews courses unfortunately the old course has a off uh dunhill cup i believe it's a called any way if we.

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