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Similar issues as the rest of US government crackdowns. In government mandates and such. So tragic day of lost a tiny fraction of a pop of a percentage of the geriatric population catastrophe and I don't know what I don't know how they're going to recover. I mean the really what they need to recover from his the lost tourism because now they're number one, you know import tourists is gone point. So that's really where damage is coming in in places like that. Of course, if you WANNA comment on whatever you want, you can hear. So I was talking earlier about Joe Johnson the Libertarian presidential candidate and her visit here too keen today and just sort of giving a general review as somebody who's has watched a lot of these libertarian presidential candidates over the year I would say she's the best candidate. The Libertarian Party has had sense the year two thousand. So after the Harry Brown campaign. I like Michael. BEDNARIK. In two thousand and four. I thought he was he was decent. He definitely was not near as good as has Harry Brown was. But what I really liked about Michael Bad eric was that he was willing to do civil disobedience, oh. Wow. So he actually still I say has a bunch of points over Joe Jorgensen for just that single reason alone. where. He actually showed up to along with the I believe was David Cobb from the Green Party, the Green Party presidential candidate and bad narc the libertarian showed up at one of the presidential debates and tried to get in and got arrested basically I don't think they got anywhere near the. State. Threat to get up on the, stage. And got arrested for it. I think they're charges ended up being dropped. So they never ended up getting convicted or anything like that. They just wanted to arrest them to get them out. Take them away. It would certainly be nice to have. I mean what I'd like to see them show up one, hundred, hundred armed militiamen and say you're guilty of treason. You are rigging this election right by excluding important voices from it and basically okay you kill people all the time. Why shouldn't we whack a few? So I actually brought this up I brought this up to Joe Jorgenson today go what happened back when you know this was really good idea I thought it was great and their response was well, it's private property where libertarian. So we wouldn't do something like that. What would you say to that? well, I I'd find out whether it was really private property because a lot of things that people think are private property aren't like I was on a college campus or So. So that would be. That would be my my first thing You know I don't. I mean I don't know as far as I'm concerned you know they're collaborating with the enemy the enemy is rigging the election and everybody sees them doing it and nobody seems to care nobody does care. So it looks like the second presidential debate, this is expected to be at A. Adrian Arced Center for the Performing Arts in Miami former sears department store. So that may be private property in that case, but the third one is going to be at a university. But either way. It would be very similar nobody in that is that well, you know there's all these businesses that are private property, but they're being told what to do by the government in this case being taken over by government debates and their response to that was that Oh, will the commission on presidential debates isn't the government it's private well, it is part of the government though it's part of the deep state. It's part of that point of cooperation between the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the media. That's who wrote the mission conspiracy in order to keep all power in the hands of Republicans and Demirel. Is it a conspiracy if if it's done out in the open on? Conspiracy in that. Meal I'd I don't know you'd have to have dictionary. This fire at some point I think you're right. It seems almost I think the real question is is funded is funded or is it not? Funded by the commission on Presidential Debate is. Funding. By if you pay a bunch of politicians and then they use their money to put together a private company, is that funded by government money and the other if they're paying paid with a tax dollars? Okay. And in that case is anything that is paid for by the government with tax dollars. Does that become government? That's a good question. Another thing it's hard to argue that I think that's that's that's kind of I think it's easier the more money the people get. So if your budget if you're private business. And you get ten percent of your business from the government. It'd be hard to argue that your government tool, but if you're getting seven hundred dollars. I would say your government tool probably even ten percent, but I don't necessarily know that. Well, then what are you seventy that if you're engaged in? Seventy percent you're probably government you're a university of some kind and most of your money's coming from government I would say that if you're engaged in a conspiracy to enslave the entire nation, I have every right to shoot you in the face much less invade years debate not might. Right. Get Son's yeah. There's probably something to be said about self defense I think in that they are arguing for an acting on violence basically, the commission on presidential debates is the Republicans and Democrats. Yes. Yes. Forming a club the DP to keep everybody else out now whether they're deep state or not I don't know what the difference is thirteen. Part of the state that is hidden that prevents any think. Engine. They are hitting. They're the most people most deliver the League of women, voters or something doing it but I mean. The League of women voters literally quit doing the debates because they said, it was a joke. If we only include to Canada sure I, don't know if I'm going to agree that. If somebody's not willing to actually take a moment to look into something that it's actually hidden. I mean it's not a hidden secret who runs these debates them. It's the Republicans and Democrats and I think say Ended is hidden that they absolutely positively will never let anybody who isn't a Republican or Democrat in. That's not something they say poblic. Fact they lie they lie every year by publishing a statistic on you have to get this percentage like this year, its fifteen percent on polls that don't even include you as an option in order to get into the debate. Now fifteen and of course, you're not even gonNA. Get. Datta vote on opole where you're not an option I feel like this is the rolling issue to be even discussing it's it's a matter of them using violence advocating and then actually committing violent acts against us. The population well there what do you mean? That's the wrong issue to discuss. We were talking about the presidential candidates to. Really. House it doesn't really matter how it comes about the point is that they are organizing to use violence to achieve their social and political objectives. Of course, which to me is wrong in that in of itself is justification for you know defense defending yourself against them. It's wrong in that perspective it doesn't. You don't need to you know even argue over how it comes about or Whether it's funded by government order, you know any of those other questions. Well, we were talking about whether or not the what I was giving. You was what the Joe Jorgenson campaign. Yeah. I know officially was saying regards to why they wouldn't you know bum rushed the stage at one of these debates and so that's what we're talking. It's not the same as like so I would agree I just don't think that's I don't know that's the question that I would have wanted to be debating I guess. 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So there's a nice variety options that. The Matrix setup and I like the fact that we created not only is, are we using Matrix now for free? But we're using the. Matrix Server, which has a lot of other people. So now you actually have people actually. There and chatting with each other. And helps and so much better. I mean the same thing happens when we up a telegram. Group as well for for freedom decrypted but it's like if you're on a server and nobody else's on. There's yeah. Yes. I think it's been a really good solution to to the primary we're GonNa continue with your calls and thoughts and then coming up we got other stuff in the news to talk about including. Woman has set herself on fire and anytime is, Oh, say Lord somebody anytime? Somebody self immolates I wanNA know what that story Sets. The most serious form of protests anyone could engage in so I'm going to pay attention yourself on fire your message is getting out on this show. Yeah, definitely. Definitely agree. About coming up here in moments. When you on fire people get out your way. Through in Ohio you're on free talk live a low andrew. Yeah. Thanks, guys, Yeah. I went to a GOP watch party for the debate and the sounds awful. I you're going to be mad at me, but I'm definitely trump. Not, mad at you. It doesn't matter. It's not like he does not like it matters one iota. Laugh when Telling me how bad trump was this afternoon on the other side of the equation it's like it. Doesn't really make any difference. It's like they just have this unrealistic expectation. The whole. I mean so are you I know that this last year trump signed the largest single budget in all of human history? Are you hoping that he will be able to outdo that performance and maybe Jack another ten percent of your life? I like, why are you voting trump? Well. That's a great. The was that nobody that's a great point. But Baby boomers have twelve times from the Lenny Hills and The Republicans, the Republicans I trust that they might actually. There's a possibility they would cut medicare and social security the other Republicans were in charge. During the Bush administration, they repeal a single. Unconstitutional Gun Law. They didn't repeal Medicaid. They didn't repeal social security. They didn't repeal any of those things that you're talking about. There the this is the thing though about the liberal media if anything event happens they're going to right they're gonNA like. Wait a minute. Are you hold on? Are you ready ride? Wait a minute are you saying that the Republicans didn't cut government when they were in charge because they were worried the media was going to riot. Say They can't. Because there'd be right but there's rights already. So they're gonNA be the possibility is. Do. So you're saying that the reason why they wouldn't do what they said they were you know all about which is smaller government. They did absolutely nothing to make the government smaller, and in fact, made it larger during the Bush administration you're saying the reason they did that was because they were afraid of riots if we have too burdensome ridiculous. If you look at the two thousand and Niagara of Bush they threw eggs, they ride at during the. God. Somebody. Panic. Listen, to yourself, I mean I am just amazed that people on the left and the right, and like do you listen to what you say uses ridiculous Dude Voted for Gary Johnson Twenty twelve but I can't vote for this job. If. She's GonNa Bend over for the last Emma's black lives matter. So you saying that because she doesn't think that black people should be murdered in the street somehow that's the reason how many black people year do you think they should kill it in the street You're talking about other black people which is over ninety the night. I don't know how many do you think should he murdered by police because Bernard? Private time is not a question for government. That's the Democrat Party. That destroyed the by if I was racist, I would vote Democrat Party I would want. You Might WanNa think about that. Then I don't think. In the Democrats as. You actually think that you so does somebody have to come out and say black lives do matter in order to get your vote. Black lives don't manage the black lives matter if they did it'd be protein. I'm asking about you does somebody have to come out and say I approve of executing black people in the street for nothing in order to get your vote is that what it takes to get you on board you're backing. Up with facts he's asking a question that's why oil let me ask you one question. No. You that Sir you won't you're. You're you're very emotional you must have been a former Democrat. No actually man get enraged when you cry to enslave them, try being a man and see what happens. First of all nobody six, hundred, thousand people die in the civil war to end slavery that will. That's not why they died the civil war slavery was a factor but wasn't the only it wasn't the only factor and Lincoln would have kept slavery. If he thought it would have helped him keep the Yankees outlaw slave. In the northern states. So idea that this is slavery issue is nonsense. What they died during enslaving is slaving the entire South because the south didn't want to be part of our country anymore. So the proper thing to do is say great by the door hit you the butter on the way out and then run guns down to the slaves until they managed to slaughter their so called Master and then your problem is solved. Eighteen seventy, the Republicans already put a african-american in the Senate by eighteen seventy Hiram Rhodes revels argument is insufficient well argued, ask you questions why? They burned out Rosewood. Okay. Look. He asked you a question that's not an argument when you ask someone a question you. Don't have to ask you a question does accommodate half to say that black lives do not matter in order to get your vote. All. Better. Okay. So if somebody says black lives matter all is matter and we mentioned black lives specifically for four hundred years nobody seemed to notice the black lives matter than is at a perfectly reasonable thing to say. What you're missing the point you're. You're missing the point. We donate seven times more than Europeans, but you don't care. We donate more than Europeans whose we? Yes. Theft auto predominantly majority white country. We are more generously give we are the most generous country and they'll have to do anything. So when. You're you're accusing. You're accusing the Republican party who believe in self sufficient..

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