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Justin Fields is markedly better than what Andy was no question he should be, but that's why they're approaching it in the way that they are. See if it works out. So, uh, this is Matt Nagy on what he believes Fields needs to work out. It was not easy for Patrick in rookie train in rookie minicamp in training camp the first couple weeks of the season like, you know, these guys are just learning how to, um, call playing the huddle. They're learning how to take a snap under center. The other day in OTAs. You know Justin's trying to learn up or learned the timing of when he brings a guy in motion, And if we want a quick ticket and have the guy hit the motion and run a shallow cross on the run Instead of letting them stop and then go like that. There's a difference to bring in a guy in motion and letting him hit it on the run versus Bring a guy emotion, let them get set and then go. We don't want that. So as simple as that sounds, and he comes in and knows for 10 years. I want to bring the guy in motion. I want to let him quick ticket and hit it on the run and not let them get set. Well, Justin still trying to learn That stuff. And so those little things can take the play and make it just a little worse If you don't do that, so Justin's done a phenomenal job trying to get better at that. What it takes a little time. And that's where this instant gratification world that we all live in. I get it. I understand it. But if we're if we're real in this thing, and we look at this thing, and we say, what's the best thing for the Chicago Bears? And what's the best thing for Justin Fields? We all need to do our best to have just a little bit. I'm not asking for a lot a little bit of patients. And if we do that this thing can get done the right way. And if we don't do it if they won't get done the right way, and then we're all gonna be looking at ourselves saying, What the hell are we doing with Justin Fields? I understand his point. I do. I understand what he's saying which point it was three minutes. That was I understand where he's coming from. I just hope to God Andy Dalton is not What's his name? The giraffe. Mike Glennon. Yes. You know what I mean? Like, okay? Fine. I get what you're doing. Is that guy? You're putting out their competent a lot of explanation. Lot of explanation. Yeah. Lot to unpack caps a lot there what he said. My whole point, though. What matters like you could just gave us half of that. You're not to explain specifically what justice Justin just has to learn. He thinks he needs to learn more. That's fine. Hopefully you're teaching him the right way. That's all. That's where I am with that. As long as you're teaching them the right way, because again to the average bears fan, right? That's not firmly entrenched in the Bears like you and I every day. We're talking about it right or reading everything. We're finding. I was having a camp. We're just the average person with a family that says it. Justin feels ready or not thumbs up or thumbs down, right. They know that Travis Key. Well, for better for worse travesty was a guy that was supposed to be the guy that now you're supposed to mold and shape, but it didn't work out and to the average fan they're like, hopefully Justin is not Mitch that that you're not leading him in the wrong direction. That's fair to say. But Matt needs to get this right. Otherwise they all need to be gone. Correct. If they don't develop this guy, right? They're all gone. Period. I didn't like you don't. I don't need all that explanation about what Justin isn't doing. Right. I don't need all that. I like that. I like that, he says. Here's an example of something. He's got to be better at that. He's got to learn that he's never experienced. Did he ever call playing the huddle or was everything shuttled in him? Here's what you're running. Did he ever take a snap under center? Did he ever do this? Did he ever do that? Those are valid points. What if match wrong? In that evaluation just from that clip. What if he's wrong? I don't think he can be wrong there. Sure you can't Sure he can. How can he be wrong? Because it's a different athletes, a different type of quarterback that he's that he's coaching. Then Mitch or Andy Dalton. Maybe what he gave the example of is that maybe Justin can be able to run out of that issue. Maybe he can be able to fix that issue differently than the other quarterbacks Because it's different. He's more athletic. Don't disagree, but he still wants him to learn certain nuances about the position that he didn't do in college period. We have something to give away. We do We do Monster jam. That's right. So how about we take caller 10 Right now? You want to go to Monster jam at Allstate Arena, Danny. Carmen, you will be in a suite with them. Caller 10 right now, 3123323776. Have a good time. We'll see who wins..

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