Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Alan Dershowitz discussed on The Glenn Beck Program


Time he has been on the show the last couple of days talking about What he believes is the issues with the way. The government is communicating issues surrounding the corona virus. And the vaccine's. We'll get into that a little bit. Rudy giuliani is on. He is a little upset the way the government is handling his legal career which seems to be over at the moment unless something changes and alan dershowitz is here as well to talk about the issues with the government and the way. They're coming after attorneys and disbarring them if they had anything to do with donald trump. We'll get into all of that today. Make sure to subscribe at blaze. Tv dot com slash. Glenn promo code is deleng. You'll save ten bucks off your subscription to blaze. tv. Here's the podcast. Think.

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