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Like call for them to the ground this is a journalist and a price does a press pass in a push into the grass was also a police shooting which chief of department Terence Monahan says was unrelated to the protests involving a man with a gun in the president have been critical of the chaos of the city and want to send in the National Guard Julie Walker in New York sources say Attorney General bill Barr personally ordered the expansion of the security perimeter around Lafayette park Monday evening just before the president visited St John's Episcopal Church Catherine folders A. B. C. news correspondent on Capitol Hills with me on the come on whose line Catherine that little stroll by the president's and bar and others has generated quite a bit of controversy over the last day or two yeah sure having you thought it happening on Monday two days ago when that when the city was under that kind of clock up close viewing more learning from March fourth twenty from a bar a personally ordered this expansion of the security perimeter around wifi at park that park right outside of the White House it now what what officials are really not that that wasn't directly related to the president's role across the park G. will they charge their their insisting that the case but what other forces and wet weather in Washington and across the country have expressed outrage with was where the tactics that were used and really why this was happening before the curfew was in effect and you know what the tactics that were used also on the switch gears really quickly here Stephen Steve king the a nine term Iowa congressman apparently going down to defeat the state senator Randy Feenstra can become a somewhat of a bipartisan outcast leading guy and Democrats and Republicans they're both happy about about his walking I wanted to cancel out early from the Republican Party here in Washington after he made a comment about a white supremacist and twenty nineteen he was stripped of his committee assignments so you know this morning early this morning those on both sides of the aisle Democrats and Republicans are are breaking up all right Catherine thanks so much for the update Catherine folders on Capitol Hill joining us on the common.

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